Jewellery Experts Tell Me These Are the Earrings All the Cool Girls Want

While the rise in popularity of joggers and leggings isn't surprising over the past year, the increase in sales of jewellery was a little more interesting. On the face of it, it might seem strange that more are investing in items that are expensive but on closer inspection, it's no wonder. In times when we're being more mindful of how we're spending, shopping becomes a more considered affair. Classic items that fit right into your wardrobe and will last years are worth investing in, rather than flash-in-the-pan trends.

The second reasoning is a little more obvious. As our clothes don't do much showing off right now, where better to focus our personal style that via our jewellery choices? Both Net-a-Porter and Matchesfashion reported a big growth in sales across jewellery last year, and with our working from homes continuing (at least for the near future), it seems unlikely that this consumer behaviour will be slowing down. Jeweller Monica Vindar told me that "earrings were our highest performing category this last year and it was all about statement pieces." Perhaps not so surprising considering you can see earrings (and necklaces) the easiest over Zoom.

earring trends 2021: amy lefevre



While jewellery, in general, is less about trends and more about what works with your wardrobe, there are some new and exciting pieces that are more prevalent than others this coming season. I spoke to a few people about 2021's earrings trends and which pieces to invest in coming up over the next few months. Keep scrolling for more. 


While hoops, in general, are consistently popular, jewellery expert and band and communications consultant Lucy Delius tells me that she can "see the huggy hoop trend moving on to the next level, with riffs and twists on much loved classics, such as a braided or rope hoop or a more chunky first hole earring to complement."


Delius also tells me that stacking earrings and full ear styling "creating texture and a real statement"  is another way to make your jewellery look very 2021. 


A more surprising change in spending on jewellery is that "now people are more comfortable with investing in independent designers or a bold, sculptural piece," Delius tells me. 


Don't be put off by the name, plastic doesn't mean kitsch rubbish. It's rather the overall effect—bold, bright and fun colours or patterns in a lucite or resin.

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