Hedvig Is the Reason I Buy so Many Things From Zara

Not so long ago, the role of an e-commerce model sat at the bottom rung of the desirable fashion-gig ladder. Sure, you might get paid a pretty penny for the very commerciality of it all, but it wasn't necessarily career-enhancing stuff. That is until brands realised that there's so much potential in discovering the right face for your audience. Find the model that inspires people to shop, and you have yourself the gift that keeps on giving. Not only that but as the online shopping space has become ever-more crowded, labels are all-too-aware that their identity needs to be defined and their "look" easily recognisable (not to mention you need major models to stand head-to-head with your peers).

Bag yourself an iconic '90s face (like Zara has done on multiple occasions this year), and you have not only a marketable talking point within the industry but a real wow moment for consumers too. Add those points to the fact that model shots and e-commerce imagery has become more editorialised than ever, and it's imperative you've got a subject who can meet the challenge. It is no mean feat shooting countless looks in one day and upholding enthusiasm and sass throughout the entire process.