This Is the Only Hairstyling Tool You'll Ever Need

If there ever comes a time when you find yourself underneath my bed, you'll find two hair tool boxes. One filled to the brim with tongs that couldn't hold a curl, rogue hair brush drying tools and hairdryers purchased on a whim that never lived up to my expectations. In summary, the box of disappointments. 

Then there's the other box that now only contains the Dyson Airwrap Complete Hair Styler, and this is the only box I've been going into. When Dyson launched the Airwrap they changed the hair game with the multi-styler that uses air to style hair instead of the extreme heat, that our hair has fallen victim to in the past. 

With Dyson, you can always expect some rather fancy tech and the styler has something called the Coanda effect that attracts hair to the attachments for a smoother finish. It also dries hair at the same time by making the most of your hair's moisture. 

Sounds great, right? Well, the excitement continues, as the Airwrap now has two brand new attachments. The 20mm Barrels (£30) for tighter curls and those with fine hair, and a Small Round Volumising Brush (£30) for fringes and very short hair. So, all hair types can get it on the action.

Keep scrolling for my thoughts on this do-it-all tool. 

Dyson Airwrap: 30mm barrel


Styled with 30mm Airwrap barrel

Let's talk attachments. In the complete set there's 30mm barrels, 40mm barrels, firm smoothing brush, soft smoothing brush, round volumising brush and a pre-styling dryer. 

I started by washing and towel-drying my hair before using the pre-styling dryer to dry it out more until it was slightly damp. The round volumising brushes are honestly a dream come true for someone who has always wanted to replicate a pro blow-dry at home with zero effort. It's easy to use and gave my hair so much life. 

Onto the barrels, this is really where the magic begins. There's two barrels in each set, one clockwise and one anticlockwise (genius, I know) and you place the ends of your hair on the printed arrows and it attracts to the barrel and kind of sucks it around the barrel. All I had to do was roll the styler up to the roots and then before you know it, I was left with a perfect curl. There's a cool shot to set any style you do and it saved me from using hairspray. 

The smoothing brushes are great on my natural hair too, and add plenty of volume as again the air allows the hair to attract to the brush and smooth it all out, cue plenty of bounce. As the styler uses air, you don't have to wait for it to heat up, as it works in a similar way to a hairdryer.

Sure, it's way more expensive than your usual high-street tong, but in terms of the results, you can't beat it. I love that I can now create any style from smooth to curly without worrying about damaging my hair. Honestly, it's an investment buy you won't regret and this is from someone who's all about a £20 curling wand.

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With super smart flexing plates that provide less damage, grip hair and give even heat; the search for the ultimate straightener is over. If you want to get in on the action while you're on the go, you can also use it cordless too.

Hairdryers aren't exactly thrilling are they? But, this one is. It dries hair in record time without excess heat or noise and the magnetic attachments suit all hair types, including a lifesaving wide tooth comb for afro hair. 

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