The One Brand You Can Always Count on for Amazing Boots

Consider this a love letter to the humble winter boot. If there's one cold-weather wardrobe item we can't live without, it would be—you guessed it—winter boots. (Okay, and maybe a coat or two, but you get the picture.) Our winter boots see us through muddy walks, work meetings and even party season, basically carrying our outfits and transitioning them from day to night and vice versa, depending on the style. We're sure we're not alone when we say that we pretty much start wearing ours on 1 September and don't take them off until summer forces us to.

You might even say we're boot connoisseurs, considering that everyone on the WWW team has basically made it their life's mission to find and share the best styles out there, from luxe designer pairs to the best of the high street. There's always one brand that stands out to us across the board, though, and that's Dune. You probably know as well as we do how great the high-street hero's shoes are (the brand has been going for almost 30 years), so just humour us while we reiterate our love.

Not only is Dune always reliable for great quality boots, its designs consistently hit just the right note between classic and trend-led. Its shoes make you feel like you're upgrading your current outfits straight away while knowing you'll want to wear the same style for many seasons to come. This, of course, is important with investment purchases like footwear.

Shelley wears the Selene Knee High Boots.


Shelley wears the Selene Knee High Boots.

And we have to say that Dune's brand new A/W 21 collection is one of its best yet. It covers all of this season's must-have boot trends, from tread-sole ankle boots to heeled knee-highs, with plenty of hybrid chunky long boots (you know, the ones that are everywhere right now) in between. Whatever your style, Dune has a pair for you (or maybe even a few pairs). Right now, the theory amongst our team is that it's important to have two key styles on rotation: one chunky pair for city weekends and countryside jaunts and one heeled style for when we're feeling fancy.

And we're not the only people who appreciate Dune boots—so many influencers agree. They also handily provide plenty of inspiration for what to wear with your new favourite boots, so we included a gallery below of the best we could find to get you started. Thank us later.

Keep those thumbs scrolling, and you'll find our top picks from Dune's new drop, so you can start shopping, like, now.

How Influencers Are Wearing Dune Boots

Jess wears the Palles Chelsea Boot.



Jess wears the Palles Chelsea Boots.

Damilola wears the Spice Knee High Boots.

Margarita wears the Tyren Knee High Boots.



Margarita wears the Tyren Knee High Boots.

Silvia wears the Paradisa Biker Boot.



Silvia wears the Paradisa Biker Boot

Hanni wears the Spice Knee High Heeled Boots.



Hanni wears the Spice Knee High Heeled Boots.

Kate wears the Tempas Knee High Boots.



Kate wears the Tempas Knee High Boots.

Stacie wears the Trap Knee High Boots.



Stacie wears the Trap Knee High Boots.

Stacie wears the Prime Lace Up Boots.



Stacie wears the Prime Lace Up Boots.

Rachel wears the Palles Chelsea Boots.

Gabriella wears the Path Ankle Boots.

Margarita wears the Paradisa Biker Boot.



Margarita wears the Paradisa Biker Boots.

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