These Expensive-Looking Sandals Are Now Being Restocked for the Sixth Time

While we love a fun micro-trend as much as anyone, sometimes you can't beat those classic investment pieces that will quite simply never die. One of these items is a pair of leather slide sandals, and it seems that shoppers can't get enough of these minimal, elegant sandals. Zara's £26 crossover sandals have been a fashion crowd favourite, and Dune's Loupes are so popular they have now been restocked six times. These have been the best seller on Dune for the past four months, and one out of every six tags on Dune's Instagram page features a pair of Loupes. At first, they were available in just tan, black and white, and now they are also in orange, yellow, turquoise and hot pink too. These are similar in style to Hermès iconic Oran Sandals, which are quite simply the Rolls Royce of sandals. The £445 sandals have a more defined H across the strap and are available in nine colours. Keep scrolling to see and shop Dune's leather slides.