I'm Making It My New Year's Resolution to Dress More Like Dua Lipa

When it comes to fashion, I certainly know my lapels from my Lurex. But when it comes to celebrities, well, let's just say they wouldn't be my specialist subject on University Challenge. Of course, I hear of fresh faces that emerge (as a journalist, you tend to know the toppling goings on of the cultural agenda), but as for in-depth knowledge, I'm admittedly lacking. However, I intend on paying more attention to new-gen celebs from here on out, especially if they have half of Dua Lipa's style.

I started out as a casual fan of her music, but after discovering her impressive array of outfits, I'm now a loyal follower of Dua Lipa's fashion choices.

From mesh and thigh-skimming sequins to elegant ballgowns and sharp suiting—much like Sarah Jessica Parker or Alexa Chung, it seems there's no trend Dua Lipa can't turn her hand to.

In no particular order, keep scrolling to look back at Dua Lipa's style hits. A word of caution, though: You may have an uncontrollable urge to wear neon once you're finished.