Drop Everything And Get To Know Blogger Jayne Min

Q&A with Jayne Min

Please describe your personal style in two sentences or less.
A tomboy who finally discovered she is a woman, appreciating mature high-fashion through silly, Internet-loving juvenile eyes.

How does the city you live in inspire your day-to-day style?
?Los Angeles, with its year-round, near-perfect weather, keeps me pretty casual—jeans and t-shirts are the standard—so the real flair comes with footwear. Since I can drive everywhere, I don’t need to test my pain tolerance. I’ll always have a spare in the car. It’s all about jazzing up a practical, basic outfit in LA with accessories or light outerwear, which pretty much sums up my look.

Name one go-to piece in your closet and why.
?Black jeans are my everyday staple. I throw them on with Vans when I’m running late to work and then dress them up with heels and a leather jacket that are stashed in my car when I’m heading to an event right after. I reach for them the most when I’m in thoughtless dressing mode, which is 75 per cent of the time. They go with anything, so it’s hard to make a mistake with black jeans.

Tell us about some of your favourite current trends and why you appreciate them.
I pay attention to trends less now that I’m older. In my twenties it was about “being ahead” (which generally meant you were already behind), but now I just like to stick to ol’ faithfuls—things I know will stand the test of time, like classic silhouettes, closet staples, and the occasional zany archival piece.

Who are some of your style icons and why?
?I respect women like Tilda Swinton and Diane Keaton, who have distinct looks that are not rooted in being sexy or glamorous. They wear what they like as an extension of their personalities and it shows a certain mature confidence—women who wear the clothes, not vice versa.

What are some of your fashion sites/blogs?
I went through a phase of checking up on a lot of blogs, but I got too overwhelmed with work, so now I only check in on friends’ blogs from time to time. Otherwise, I mostly go on Tumblr and sites like Self Service Magazine for inspiration and Vogue or Style.com to catch up on shows and news. I’d say I do the bare minimum to keep up with what’s going on in fashion. I’m generally on the Internet to zone out and watch funny videos.

What are some of your favourite places to shop?
My #1 not-so-secret weapon is eBay. It’s where I score most of my insane past season or rare fashion finds at heavy discounts. For basic closet building blocks (black slacks, white blouses, linen t-shirts), Zara is my go-to. And for my Acne fix or indie designers, I love Creatures of Comfort, Mohawk General Store, and Satine boutique in Los Angeles, and also Barneys New York and Saks Fifth Avenue for their great sales.

The tastemaker’s personal style is the perfect blend of California casual and edgy tomboy--she’s basically Alexander Wang in female form--not to mention she has an arsenal of truly covet-worthy pieces, like a leopard Sandro coat and Dries van Noten mix-media boots. She's our latest girl crush, and probably the only person in the world who can pull off Celine's now infamous furry sandals. Get to know Min more with our exclusive Q&A, plus shop her down-to-earth looks.

On Min:
Zara blouse; vintage scarf; J Brand jeans; Céline fur sandals.