3 Dress-and-Boot Combinations London Girls Are Wearing on Repeat

Sandals, it's been great knowing you, but we have to move on—boots are calling us. This past week has seen a noticeable shift in the weather, leading us to a fashion crossroads where one can either stay faithful and loyal to pedicures and open-toe freedom or choose to get autumnal and slip into something with a bit more coverage. It looks like the majority of London girls have already made their decision, opting for the latter, and I can't blame them: Cool boot trends abound for A/W 19, and they all work with the dresses you already own.

London Fashion Week cemented the transition. Whilst bare legs were still on show (c'mon, we're not dead inside), there are a few burgeoning combinations of boots and dresses that feel like a great entry point into the new season. With flair true to the city's unique style POV, this isn't your standard black ankle boots + floral dress kind of situation (although that formula has stood the test of time); instead, it's a range of fresh ideas ready for the taking. It's highly likely you'll have some of the key ingredients already, but we've provided some shopping inspiration for you just in case. Keep scrolling to get the DL on the boot-and-dress combinations London's coolest girls have adopted already.


Style Notes: We've noticed a slew of oversized jumper dresses being worn with thick-soled bovver boots and bare legs. You may want to have a safety layer underneath!

dresses with boots in London: Tiffany Hsu in a pink blazer dress with combat boots


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Style Notes: Short-and-sharp jacket dresses continue to be popular. You can wear them in the evening with high heels, but they do look pretty rad in the day with combat boots.

Style Notes: The majority of London's favoured chunky boots have one major thing in common: They're black.


dresses with boots in London: tan leather dress and matching boots



Style Notes: Slouchy knee-boots are just as popular as slim-fitting ones, and they can add great texture to a simple ensemble.

Style Notes: Long knitted dresses always look chic over long boots. It's a timeless pairing we'll always fall back on.

Style Notes: It's up to you whether you want to flash a little knee or not, but something about the V-cut on these boots makes the idea more appealing.


dresses with boots in London: tan leather dress with couple boots


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Style Notes: Tan leather or snake-print cowboy boots are neutral enough to go with many things, but we like the full commitment to autumn's leather trend taken here.

dresses with boots in London: white midi dress with monochrome cowboy boots


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Style Notes: Ganni's cowboy boots have been particularly popular and often worn like the Scandis—with a puffy dress.

dresses with boots in London: zebra dress with a blazer and cowboy boots


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Style Notes: Who'd have thought a tuxedo blazer and cowboy boots could work so well together? A monochromatic palette makes the idea more approachable.