Big Boobs Need These Brilliant Dress Styles

Big boobs? Love dresses? You've come to the right place, as we've discovered the four key frocks you need if you have a large bust. Before we get on to that though, we need to vent about how tough it is to find a dress that flatters a larger cup size. It's not that it's impossible (far from it), but there is a tendency to end up with a matronly-looking shelf or feeling over-exposed. Neither of which is ideal. During the winter, it's not so problematic as everyone is just fighting the cold and wrapping up, but come the summer it gets to be a problem. To help with this predicament, we turned to four of the best fashion bloggers we know who are skilled in finding dresses that flatter larger busts. Keep scrolling to see which styles they rate and shop our favourite dresses right now.

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