5 Dress Experts Just Shared the 44 Best Summer Frocks With Me

It's an understatement to say that we like dresses here at Who What Wear. We spend a long time working out which frocks are going to be the ones we, and you, obsess over during the year. We put together dress reports on the names to watch for 2021, which include the key dress trends to know. Plus, we hone in on the brands that are getting it spot on right now (yes, Aje, we're looking at you). Alas, in many ways, dresses over 2020 took a bit of a dip. With fewer weddings and big events to attend, our posh frocks got only a rare outing. That said, the house dress became particularly popular, with loose silhouettes and unrestrictive material becoming vital in our dress purchases. 

But with restrictions easing and the chance that gatherings, including weddings with actual guests, can take place in the summer, it seems like fun, pretty dresses are going to be big in the warmer months. It'll come as no surprise that Net-a-Porter's trend report revealed that customers are going to be looking for joyful dresses in the coming spring/summer season. With all of this in mind, I wanted to know which frocks the dress experts I follow on Instagram have got on their wish lists. All of the women I spoke to have their own distinctive style, but every one of them loves dresses. Keep scrolling to see their ultimate dress wish lists for the coming months. 



"When it comes to picking dresses, it's about knowing myself and my identity and what best represents my style and also knowing how a dress can make me feel and where it would be worn and what for. I also just know what I love when it's something special in terms of the design and what suits my body shape."

"When buying dresses, I always think about longevity. Will I still be wearing this dress, the shape, the style next year… and the year after that?!"

"Most of the dresses I already own are not that comfortable or literally flexible to wear—many of them have super-tight waists and don't lend themselves to working from home or rolling around on the floor with a toddler. So it's time to make a few improvements to my dress wardrobe. I'm looking to rent or sell some of my beloved older pieces and instead invest in looser (but still not swampy) cuts and more easy-going fabrics in a 50/50 mix of plain neutral, earthy colours and classic floral prints. These styles will both stand the test of time but also be so much more useful for my current day-to-day life."

"The main feature I look for in a dress is that it cinches in my waist by means of the cut of the dress or with a belt. Otherwise, if there's too much flowing fabric, it tends to 'drown' me, as I'm 5'1''. So I need that defining feature. I tend to go for midi dresses more often than minis as well simply because I find them easier to move in and more flattering."



"Dresses are one of my favourite wardrobe staples, so when it comes to picking what type, I like to have different variations, from maxi dresses to short dresses. I also tend to go for dresses that have unique details on them. I love dresses with cut-outs, puffy sleeves and, most importantly, a selection of colours."

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