These 3 Dress Styles Are So Right-Now, and I'm Here for It

Influencer Sara Ramen Spring Dress Styles Statement Floral Printed Dresses



Warmer weather is officially on the horizon, which means it's officially dress season. Sure, dresses can be worn year-round, but there is nothing like wearing your favourites in easy, breezy, mild temperatures. Can you tell that I am more than ready to put away my heavy coats, weatherproof boots and scarves? Anything to swap out the heavy layers for lighter pieces. 

Whether you lean towards minimalistic dresses, cheeky options that show a little skin or striking prints, the beauty of dresses is that there is something for every personal style. The endless shoe options available for pairing make them even more versatile. Strappy sandals, chic trainers, slide sandals and more are all on the table. Basically, dresses are one-and-done pieces that make it super easy to get ready. Plus, most options can be dressed up or down, making them suitable for just about any occasion.

For the season ahead, there are three dress styles in particular that have my attention. Scroll on to peruse my favourites of the moment.

1. Ribbed Dresses

Influencer Monikh Spring Dress Styles Ribbed Dresses



Ribbed dresses are having a major moment this season, and I'm here for it. From formfitting to oversize silhouettes, there is an option for every personal style.

2. Cut-Out Dresses

Influencer Chrissy Rutherford Spring Dress Styles Cut Out Dresses



Cut-out dresses are having a major moment, and it's no wonder why. Many may have been hesitant to wear the more revealing pieces in the past, but as of late, designers have brought an elevated effortlessness to the style.

3. Printed Statement Dresses

Influencer Sara Ramen Spring Dress Styles Statement Printed Dresses



Bold printed dresses are nothing new, but the latest iterations have statement sleeves, billowy fits and other eye-catching details that pack a punch.

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