15 Dress-Down Friday Looks That Will Turn Every Head in Your Office

Dress-down Fridays (aka casual Fridays) are powerful. At once they can fill the office with equal measures of pure joy—“Yay, no need to lace up in formal office wear today!”—and heavy dread for those who just don’t know what to wear on such an occasion. We get it—dress-down Fridays are great in principle, but it’s important to remember that you’ll still be at work conducting business alongside your boss, colleagues and possible clients too. That said, you’ll need to strike that balance between casual and professional.

For fashion girls, that means knowing which trends are office-appropriate and those that should be reserved for weekend dressing. Case in point? Off-the-shoulder tops. If your 9-5 office attire is typically buttoned-down shirts and blazers, then hitting the meeting room with bare shoulders may be too much of a leap. It’s all about gauging the level of casual your office is on board with.