29 Dreamy Outfits I Just Can't Stop Looking At

You can take your minimalism and stick it where the sun don't shine—I'm not interested! Right now, for me, it's all about prettiness in its most excessive guises. If you want feathers, tulle, organza, ruffles, dainty bows, sequins, puff sleeves, satin, lamé, beading, embroidery, florals, pastels and swishy silhouettes, then you've landed on the right story. Congrats.

If pink is your pet fashion peeve, look away. Serving as the antithesis to the otherwise ultra-sleek, uber-beige looks going on elsewhere in social media (and the real world) an army of women are marching to their own, far jazzier drumbeat. In certain circles, it's very cool to wear the shiniest, most saccharine party dress you can to brunch. Over the past few weeks, I've been collating all of the dreamy outfits that have stopped me in my scrolling tracks, and here are the results. From shimmering paillette-covered gowns worn with cowboy boots to marabou trim on everything, these are the very prettiest ensembles to indulge your maximalist leanings.

This going-out look from Jessie Bush of @wethepeoplestyle has been crazy popular on Instagram. Her top is from a small independent French brand called Aurore Van Milhem.

Stephanie's beautiful maxi dress is just further enhanced by her Shrimps beaded bag and matching hair clip. Cuteness.

Dreamy outfits: cream feathered sweater with a yellow satin skirt



I'm so sad Maria Bernad's feather-trimmed jumper from Uterqüe so out so quickly, but there's still so much inspiration to take from this 1930s-inspired look.

Dreamy outfits: pink tulle ballerina skirt with a pink blouse



Like an update on the classic Carrie Bradshaw ballerina skirt look, this outfit from Hajra is just adorable.

If I could have my wedding all over again, it would be in this feathered Osman gown, as modelled so wonderfully by Bettina.

Giving me Bianca Jagger vibes (only switching out that iconic white suit for dusky pink), Marta's styling here is completely darling.

Luna's dress collection is pretty epic, but this one brings together the prettiest fabric in a more sassy silhouette. Perfect for those who don't want to look twee.

Dreamy outfits: blue satin smock minidress with kitten heels



Tine's delightful Stine Goya smock has so much fabric in it, you'd want to spin around all damn day. Into the matching cornflower-blue pumps, too.

Sade didn't stop at the pretty floral dress—she added plenty of accessories to really play into the cute theme.

Party pants with a feathery top, all in sugary-sweet hues? Count us in, Charlotte.

Lucy's sparkly H&M dress sold out in a flash (quelle surprise), but there's still a major takeaway for us all here: Wear fancy dresses with cowboy boots more often.

Not to sound like a stalker, but I've noticed Katie around London before, and she always has the most dramatic, amazing outfits on. This Cecilie Bahnsen creation is no exception.

But did you get the pink top + jeans memo? Rikke confirms this is the way to do sweetness and light when you're a denim girl at heart.

Dreamy outfits:  white smocked dress with a straw hat



The hat, the ribbon tie, the dress, the bag, the sandals… There's nothing about this pitch-perfect look from Alyssa that I don't want to copy right away.

Oumayma's bouncy, shiny minidress is the most unexpected—and unexpectedly brilliant—partner to a pair of sci-fi sneaks. 

Not all dreamy outfits have to be pale pink or white. This black feathered dress is all kinds of fabulous on Zina.

Dreamy outfits: pink ditsy floral wrap dress with red strappy heels



Monikh wore this cloud-like dress to a wedding with red strappy sandals. We'd like to copy the whole thing head-to-toe, please.

Dreamy outfits: yellow polka dot tiered skirt with a matching jumper



Janka's flamenco-girl skirt could be dressed for an evening event, but it also works very well for day with a cosy knit.

Dreamy outfits: white maxi dresses worn with gold chain belts and high heels



When you need to amp up a simple dress, make like Emili Sindlev and her pal by adding a chain belt, big earrings and heels.

Dreamy outfits: green organza blouse with white trousers and mules



Eni's H&M blouse is all kinds of ethereal, but you have to appreciate how she's tempered it with slouchy pants and loafers.

Dreamy outfits: yellow and white floral tiered boho maxi dress



Wow, Babba, this Carolina Herrera dress is so detailed and beautiful. Want.

Deborah's bodiced dress, pearl earrings and velvet headband could be from a bygone era, yet the whole thing is so 2019.

Dreamy outfits: floral mini dress worn with floral knee high boots



Say yes to double chintzy florals á la Tiffany.

I think we've established by now that I'm a fan of feathers. So is the very fab Ellie from Slip Into Style.

Dreamy outfits: white shirred dress with strappy sandals and sunglasses



I've now spotted a couple of people in this Totême dress, and it's surprisingly versatile. Here, TyLynn dresses it up, but it looks just as cool on holiday with flats.

Major look incoming! This vibrant suit-and-blouse combo from Blair Eadie is a total showstopper.

Dreamy outfits: pink satin halter neck dress



Marissa's pink satin dress has had the whole Who What Wear UK office chatting. Worn with red lips and matching strappy sandals, this is a grand-entrance kind of look.

A dreamy dress from Sania, made all the more heavenly with a pretty bouquet and metallic stilettos. Forget handbags—flowers are in!

Dreamy outfits: floral bodice worn with jeans and heels



See how jeans and a top can be just as dreamy as a dress? This floral bodice belongs to Peony, but we'd be happy to share it…

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