Beauty Editors and Celebrities Swear By This One Product for Glowing Skin

Ever wondered how celebrities keep up that lit-from-within glow? Besides regular facials and skin treatments, the key, it would seem, is down to regular and effective exfoliation. Whether you experience blackheads, breakouts, dryness or excess oil, finding the right exfoliator is absolutely crucial if you want to keep your complexion clear and glowing.

However, finding the right exfoliating product is easier said than done. Some acids can be exceptionally harsh and cause breakouts and dryness, while other physical scrubs can cause redness and inflammation. In fact, finding an exfoliator that hits that glowy sweet spot is really quite difficult, which is why when the beauty world goes crazy for one particular exfoliant, it's worth hearing out.

It's rare (at least in the world of beauty) to come across one single product as universally adored as Dr Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel (£87). The two-step acid peel, which contains a powerful concoction of acids (including glycolic, salicylic, citric and malic) and powerful antioxidants such as retinol and resveratrol, houses just about every powerhouse skincare ingredient you can think of. Where acids work to slough away at dull, dead skin and prevent breakouts, the potent antioxidants help to let the skin's natural glow shine through. Not only does it boast an exceptionally long list of praise from beauty editors and customers alike for its ability to inject life and clarity into the most troubled of complexions, but it is also a massive hit amongst Hollywood's elite.

Dr Dennis Gross himself is a U.S.-based dermatologist that has a client list including the likes of Olivia Palermo, Zoë Kravitz, Selena Gomez and Jourdan Dunn, to name just a few. It's therefore needless to say that his eponymous skincare line has some famous fans too. Ever fans of blemish-free, glowing skin, the A-list swear by the Universal Daily Peel to keep their complexions looking tip-top between visits to the man himself.

So if you're in the market for a complexion-changing acid treatment, keep scrolling to discover the celebrities that swear by this cult peel and shop it for yourself. Plus, if you have more sensitive skin or like you might need a stronger formula, it also comes in two other strengths, making it the perfect choice for just every skin type.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Dr Dennis Gross Daily Peel: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley



Supermodel skin doesn't always come naturally. In fact, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley lifted the lid on her extensive beauty routine when talking to Net-a-Porter and revealed, "Every other night before bed, I put a little retinol on my skin, some oil on my body and whatever moisturiser or serums I'm using. A couple of times a week, I use Dr Dennis Gross peel pads. Then I just love to sit down and watch a bit of TV." 

Olivia Palermo
Dr Dennis Gross Daily Peel: Olivia Palermo



Talking to Grazia, Olivia Palermo revealed that Dr Dennis Gross Skincare is one of her go-to brands. She said: "I use Dr Dennis Gross religiously. My favourite product is his All-in-One Cleansing Foam." And while it doesn't seem as though this particular cleanser is available any longer, it would seem that she is a fan of the daily peel too, as the brand's website cites her as a bona fide fan. 

Lily Aldridge
Dr Dennis Gross: Lily Aldridge



Last year, Lily Aldridge revealed her airplane beauty routine via a short Youtube video on her channel. It showed her using the Extra Strength Daily Peel post-sleep on her face, neck and hands.

Constance Wu
Dr Dennis Gross Daily Peel: Constance Wu



Constance Wu revealed to the New York Times that she turns to Daily Peel when she wants a noticeable glow. She said, "I'm really into these Alpha Beta peels by Dr Dennis Gross. If I want to be really glow-y the next day, I definitely use them."

Naomi Campbell
Dr Dennis Gross Daily Peel: Naomi Campbell



Despite the fact that Naomi Campbell is a well-known client of Dr Dennis Gross, it turns out she also swears by his products, including Daily Peel. Yahoo has reported that after posting a picture of her look to her Instagram page following the 2017 amfAR New York Gala, Dr Dennis Gross himself wrote: "Gorgeous glow, Naomi! LOVE that are [sic] peels are your skincare primer of choice." Noted. 

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