So Here's the Only Way I'll Wear My Jeans This Year

There's no question about it—denim is the big trend of 2021. From the rise of heritage brands to a backlash against skinny jeans (sorry, but baggy and looser fits are where it's at), there's a whole new world of denim-related ideas to get acquainted with. Over the past few weeks, we've seen a sharp increase in denim items infiltrating the new-in sections of our favourite affordable retailers, and even the most highbrow of high-fashion houses are betting on this humble textile for the season ahead. My Instagram feed is full of the stuff, and it's come to give last year's loungewear a run for its money.

It seems counter-intuitive that during a time when we've all been seeking comfort from our clothes denim would play such an important role, but jeans (and their many denim-rendered siblings) are very much on the agenda for spring and beyond. As assistant editor Elinor Block stated in her recent denim report, searches for jeans on Lyst are up by 23% in the last month. Many luxury stores told us on multiple occasions throughout 2020 that denim sales were surprisingly strong. Cult cuts are already popping up (looking at you, Agolde Criss Cross), and I'm here to talk about a particular denim-centric outfit that is proving to be one of the season's coolest-looking and most reliable ways to get dressed: double denim.

The difference for double denim in 2021? It's all about blue hues. Whether shirt and skirt or jacket tucked into jeans, true blue shades worn together is what looks most current. Keep scrolling for the double-denim outfits that have caught my eye.

double denim 2021: sherpa jacket with straight-leg jeans



Style Notes: Perhaps one of my favourite looks of 2021 thus far, Yaminah's sherpa-jacket–and–straight-leg-jeans combo is simple but very effective. Perhaps it's the subtle unbuttoning of her jacket, or maybe it's the addition of interesting accessories—either way, I'm digging it.

double denim 2021: dark denim shirt and wide-leg jeans



Style Notes: This kind of raw indigo blue is really trending again, and it does look extra chic with tan accessories.

double denim 2021: denim bag with jeans and tailoring



Style Notes: You can do double denim in unexpected ways, like Hodan shows you here with her mismatched jeans and denim bag. 

Style Notes: Your skinny jeans aren't over, no matter how popular looser fits become. And they'll always look nice with a denim shirt and ankle boots á la Lauren.

Style Notes: However, I do recommend trying everything oversize and seeing how chic you feel—it works.

double denim 2021: frilled collar shirt and wide-leg jeans



Style Notes: Denim ensembles don't have to be severe—you can add something dainty into the mix, like a frilled collar, and still look 100% chill.

double denim 2021: oversized shirt and straight-leg jeans



Style Notes: Maja's pared-back uniform just never gets old—try an oversize shirt, straight-leg jeans, and chunky boots for the win.

Style Notes: Tucking denim jackets into jeans is a microtrend within a trend. You're going to see a lot more of this in 2021.

double denim 2021: denim shirt with a long pencil skirt



Style Notes: Denim pencil skirts are most definitely back, and they look really sharp with a mismatched jean shirt.

double denim 2021: indigo jacket and matching jeans



Style Notes: Super-dark washes are great when you want your denim look to seem that little bit more grown-up.



Style Notes: Cutting off a denim shirt to turn it into a layering tool is an idea I'll be stealing off Who What Wear team member Nell.



Style Notes: Your double-denim look doesn't have to be basic. Here, Celeste takes the idea to the max with her floral and checkerboard two-piece. Cute.

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