The Dos and Don'ts of Style Etiquette Today

When you think of style etiquette, it might seem like the most obvious aspect is what to wear to certain events and what to avoid wearing. And while there certainly is a a time and place for that kind of advice, today we're looking at style etiquette from a different angle: from the creative mind of Tom Ford.

Tom Ford once said that dressing well is a form of good manners—and right now, we're honouring that ideation. The idea that no matter what the occasion, you should show up dressed for it: Whether it's a normal day at the office, a fancy cocktail hour, or a dinner with a close friend, it's a matter of etiquette to show up dressed properly. To that end, we've narrowed it all down to a few dos and don'ts every woman should follow.

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Which rule do think is most important? We ardently believe in the power of wearing flats. Share your own thoughts below!