A Major Blogger Takes Us Inside Dior's Fashion Show at Blenheim Palace

What with Chanel’s street fiesta in Cuba and Louis Vuitton jetting off to Brazil, a fashion house steeped in as much grandeur and history as Dior would of course be no let down for a Cruise 17 extravaganza. However, rather than far-flung reaches, the French mega-brand chose the incredible landscape and interiors of Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire. With no detail left untouched, the event was truly impressive—even with the as-to-be-expected dreary British weather. Couture houses and oodles of glamorous fashion-seekers can't control the climate either.

The baroque building, which has played host to Dior twice before, provided a stunning and luxurious backdrop to the catwalk, and we had an insider giving us a real behind-the-scenes scoop on all the action. Doina Ciobanu, super-blogger at The Golden Diamonds, allowed us to follow her from the pre-show fitting all the way through to the after-party. What with lashings of gold accessories, a ride on an old-school train (just imagine hopping on the Dior Express for your regular commute!) and copious amounts of sweets, you could call us a little jealous.  

Click the gallery to see the whole of Ciobanu's incredible Dior journey from start to bed…

The fitting pre-show:

"Fittings at the Dior headquarters to choose my outfits for the Cruise show and after-party."

My accessories:

"It's all about the gold this season—Dior gold."

Prep time before showtime:

"Getting ready for the big day with the Dior glam team at the Covent Garden Boutique in London."

All aboard:

"Having fun with Aimee [Song] on the Dior Express."

On the Dior Express:

"Indulging the wine and delicious food on my way to Blenheim Palace."

Outside the show:

"Gloomy day, grumpy Doina. But look at that background!"

Inside Blenheim Palace:

"The stunning venue for the show."


Inside Blenheim Palace:

"Stunning baroque interior of the Blenheim Palace."

The celebrities arrive:

"Eva Herzigová making quite an entrance."

Take your seats:
The catwalk begins:

"I'm absolutely in love with this silk dress and the little buttons."

More from the catwalk:

"Another one of my favourite looks!"

To the sweets:

"Arrived at the after-party and am loving it; they serve candies!"

Time to eat:

"Ah these cupcakes!"

Just one more:

"Stole a Dior lollipop at the after-party. Now it's time for bed!"

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