Does It Take a Pedigree to Work at Vogue?

Vogue is easily the most renowned magazine in the fashion industry, while its editor in chief, Anna Wintour, is the most powerful figure of them all. Part of that allure stems from a masthead dotted with prestigious people, including a real-life princess and the children of famous actors. And judging from the employees’ luxurious Instagram snaps alone, one could easily assume that it’s a pedigreed fairy tale.

Yet it’s hard to imagine such success coming from an office environment that is totally insular. Could the popular opinion—that Vogue is a place for the wealthy, Ivy League–educated and beautiful alone—really be true? Does lacking an upper-class pedigree really hinder your chances of working for the magazine? In the hopes of finding some answers, I decided to investigate the various backgrounds of Vogue’s current staff.

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