Floral-Print Bangles

We've been working with P.S. I Made This' Erica Domesek for a little over two years now, and in that time we've been introduced to an assortment of very cool projects and some pretty handy craft tips too! The D.I.Y. guru never ceases to amaze us with her ability to translate the season's biggest trends into easy-to-do artistic ventures, but Domesek has really outdone herself with this month's handmade activity. Inspired by the darkly romantic floral prints featured in Prabal Gurung's S/S 12 collection, these richly hued bangles offer a fresh way to introduce bold blossoms into your repertoire and add an element of visual intrigue to your outfit. We thought you would enjoy them too, which is why we're showing you how to make your very own in today's Do It Yourself story!

The Inspiration
You have to admit there is something so mesmerising about Gurung's floral prints for spring. Drawing inspiration from Japanese photographer/artist Nobuyoshi Araki's Sensual Flowers series, Gurung created a vivid mirrored motif that appeared on a number of silk-blend tops, shorts, and dresses. But instead of trying to mimic one of these alluring investment-worthy pieces--which we imagine would be rather hard to do, especially for novice crafters like us!--we decided to capture the spirit of the collection by creating floral bangles using a simple decoupage technique. Read on to learn how to create these stylish bracelets in just five simple steps, and be sure to check out our exclusive how-to video with the one and only Domesek!--Jessica Baker

-Wooden or plastic bangles ($3-5 per bangle)
-Fake or real flowers (note: we used a mix of faux hydrangeas, orchids, and iris flowers in blue and purple hues)
-Mod Podge Glue with Gloss Finish ($9)
-Foam Paint Brush ($2.50)

1. Create a pattern that you like with fake or real flowers, then using either a camera phone or digital camera, snap photos of the flowers.

2. Upload the images to a computer. At this point, you can either print it as is, or you can use Photoshop to create a repeated pattern. Domesek suggests picking your favourite part of the pattern and replicating that section until your pattern fills up an 8x11 page.

3. Print out several sheets of the final pattern from your computer. If you did not repeat a section of the photo, simply cut out the individual flowers. If you did repeat a section of the photo, cut the sheets of paper into strips. 4. Using the Mod Podge and a foam paint brush, glue the flower cutouts and/or strips onto the bangle, starting on the inside of the bangle and working your way to the outside. (Helpful Tip: working with smaller pieces of paper makes the process a lot easier and cleaner!)

5. Once the entire surface and inside of the bangle is covered with the floral cutouts, paint over it one more time with the Mod Podge to seal the paper and give the bangle a glossy finish. Wait approximately an hour or until dry before wearing.