Colour Pop Shoes

Open up any fashion magazine right now, and chances are you'll see Prada's Rubber-Dipped Mary Jane Pumps ($950) in at least one editorial. The overwhelming obsession with these particular shoes makes perfect sense; the two-tone heels have a futuristic look that falls right in line with the season's wildly popular sci-fi trend, plus they add an unexpected pop of colour to any outfit. The good news for admirers like us is that you don't have to invest half your rent to get the look! To prove it, we've got all the must-have ingredients and need-to-know steps to help you create your very own Prada-inspired shoes in today's Do It Yourself story.
Shoemakers we are not, so constructing heels from scratch was definitely out of the question. Instead, we called on our favourite DIY guru, Erica Domesek of P.S. I Made This, for some much needed guidance. She happily obliged, and in just three steps showed us how to transform a classic pair of Mary Jane pumps into covetable Prada look-alikes. So if you're feeling crafty, read on for all of the important project information. Oh, and don't forget to tweet us a photo of your finished shoes!--Jessica Baker

-Forever 21 Double Strap Mary Jane Heels ($33)
-ScotchBlue Painter's Tape ($3)
-Montana Gold Spray Paint ($8) in Red
-Krylon Spray Sealer ($4)

1. Decide how much of the toe you would like to paint, then tape off that portion using painter's tape.

2. Once taped, wrap the heel and inside of the shoe with a plastic bag or paper to shield it from the spray paint. In a well-ventilated area, spray the uncovered portion of the shoe with the red spray paint. Depending on the shade and opacity of red you want, you may need to apply a few coats.

3. Allow the paint to dry completely overnight. Then spray the exposed part of the shoe with a clear sealer, which will protect the colour. Wait at least an hour to dry completely, and then remove the tape and plastic covering.