We Just Spotted a Super-Chic DIY

Recently, we’ve been hunting for the newest crop of DIYs, and today we struck gold. Our friends over at Honestly WTF showed how to try out the tasseled sandals trend this summer without splurging on an expensive designer pair. Even better, once you decide you want to take a break from the tassels, you can slide them right off—no permanent damage done. Scroll down to see how it’s done! 

Grab a pair of strappy sandals, suede fabric, and your standard DIY companions like scissors, a ruler, pen, and fabric glue.

Cut your suede fabric into thin strips of fringe.

Roll up your fringed strip to create a tassel, leaving a loop at the top where you can slide it onto the sandal strap.

Boom! Tasseled sandals for everyone.

Visit Honestly WTF to see the full set of instructions, and shop our favourite strappy sandals.