10 Fashion Shortcuts That Are Staring You in the Face

When it comes to outfit updates, sometimes the tricks and tweaks you need can be staring you right in the face: That dressing gown you look at every morning and night can—according to the streets—now be worn legitimately as a dress. The slippers next to it? Yup, those are in too. Or maybe it's the mismatched earring trend that you have been artfully assembling by accident ever since you got your lobes pierced aged 15. It could even be the next thing you can steal from your dad's wardrobe (his all-weather waterproof jacket, FYI). 

So we've noticed that there are various en pointe styling tricks for the summer season (and beyond) that you don't even have to A.) buy or B.) move outside your house to get them going. Which, for all lazy but creative girls out there, sounds like an ingenious way to spend some time. 

Keep reading to see where the high-brow influences come from, plus the DIY fashion adaptations you can adopt. These new style-hacks will no doubt impress everyone with such resourcefulness pre-payday…