10 Fashion Shortcuts That Are Staring You in the Face

When it comes to outfit updates, sometimes the tricks and tweaks you need can be staring you right in the face: That dressing gown you look at every morning and night can—according to the streets—now be worn legitimately as a dress. The slippers next to it? Yup, those are in too. Or maybe it's the mismatched earring trend that you have been artfully assembling by accident ever since you got your lobes pierced aged 15. It could even be the next thing you can steal from your dad's wardrobe (his all-weather waterproof jacket, FYI). 

So we've noticed that there are various en pointe styling tricks for the summer season (and beyond) that you don't even have to A.) buy or B.) move outside your house to get them going. Which, for all lazy but creative girls out there, sounds like an ingenious way to spend some time. 

Keep reading to see where the high-brow influences come from, plus the DIY fashion adaptations you can adopt. These new style-hacks will no doubt impress everyone with such resourcefulness pre-payday…

DIY Fashion Idea #1: Wear Your Dressing Gown as a Dress


Vanni Bassetti/Getty Images

The High-Fashion Origin: See Giorgia Tordini here? Well, she's recently launched her own brand alongside another Italian street style star, Gilda Ambrosio, and it riffs on the idea of wearing super-luxe nightwear out and about. The label, Attico, will soon be launching with some very prestigious stockists, but until then check out their Instagram account for more: @the_attico.

The Fashion Hack: The DIY version of this is to quite literally wear your dressing gown out. Please bear in mind that this isn't a terry-toweling kind of set-up: Go luxe and dress up to the nines. The slightest whiff of "I just rolled out of bed" and you will look like it.

DIY Fashion Idea #2: Knot Your Bag Straps


Acne Studios

The High-Fashion Origin: Both Acne Studios, pictured here, and Céline have been adding this knotted-strap idea to their understated handbags. It's like embellishment for the girl who hates embellishment—and also means you can play about with where your handbag sits on the body.

The Fashion Hack: Unbuckle or unfasten and get knotting—the bigger the loops the better.

DIY Fashion Idea #3: Put Pins on Everything


Victor Virgile/Getty Images

The High-Fashion Origin: Marc Jacobs scattered pins and badges all over his spring 2016 collection—no surface was left untouched. 

The Fashion Hack: Remember all those badges you used to collect during that grungy Camden stage you enjoyed so much? Well, dig them out and start pinning—now is the time to use them all up on jackets, blouses, bags and even shoes.

DIY Fashion Idea #4: Use Cable Ties as Decoration


Tristan Fewings/Getty Images

The High-Fashion Origin: Christopher Kane's fluoro cable tie bracelets are so ridiculously wantable (and at £20 for a set of three, you may as well) that it's no wonder he used them across the spring 2016 runway as bracelets, bag charms, necklaces and even as makeshift hair-ties.

The Fashion Hack: Well, you're bound to have some regular cable ties languishing in the back of a kitchen drawer… So triple them up on one arm and head off into festival season like you mean it. Warning: Please do not tie them too tight in your eagerness to nail the trend.

DIY Fashion Idea #5: Wear Slippers as Regular Shoes


Style du Monde

The High-Fashion Origin: First came slides, then backless flat mules, then the babouche (Moroccan slippers). We've been inching one step closer to wearing hotel slippers out and about IRL for years now. 

The Fashion Hack: If you have a classy pair of slippers (not a fluffy pair with a teddy bear's head for decoration, okay?), make the most of them this summer—they're particularly good at diffusing a smart outfit, like on stylist Rachael Wang.

DIY Fashion Idea #6: Mismatch All Your Accessories


Catwalking/Getty Images

The High-Fashion Origin: Where J.W.Anderson goes, we follow. So if he decided that his spring 2016 Loewe runway should be chock-full of mismatched accessories—yes, that's shoes and earrings—then so it shall be.

The Fashion Hack: Bring out your inner curator and delve into the jewellery box you discarded so long ago because you'd lost one-half of every pair of earrings. These solo players can now come back into the game. We realise the odd-shoe concept may be a step too far—your call.

DIY Fashion Idea #7: Steal Your Dad's Anorak

The High-Fashion Origin: No one but Demna Gvasalia (the man who basically rules fashion thanks to his post at Vetements and now a highly lauded Balenciaga debut) could persuade the fashion crowds into wearing a waterproof-style jacket, but here we are. Next season will follow this Balenciaga A/W 16 runway's suit, and you can bet that thrifty types will indeed "rediscover" their fathers' nifty Peter Storm hiking coats.

The Fashion Hack: It's simply a case of asking nicely. Your dad will not understand why you want it (don't bother explaining); just subtly lift it with a smile, wear it slouched off your shoulders and pair it with sharp tailoring to offset the sportiness. Maybe then offer to make a cup of tea.

DIY Fashion Idea #8: Try the Rope Belt


Hillier Bartley

The High-Fashion Origin: Hillier Bartley's rope belts as the louche finish to a louche look—how better to tame an oversize coat than with one of these?

The Fashion Hack: Take a length of rope from your garden shed (watch out for spiders) or make the decision that you don't need curtain ties anymore. Add to any coat you want—this trend works with all styles, especially something with a bit of volume that benefits from cinching.

DIY Fashion Idea #9: Use Your Beach Bag as an Actual Bag


Lisa Says Gah

The High-Fashion Origin: This trend started on the streets a few months back, so now you'll find all manner of raffia bags—from super-basic straw totes to something more directional like this, as seen on e-commerce site Lisa Says Gah. It's officially the offbeat girl's bag for summer.

The Fashion Hack: Unearth last summer's holiday wardrobe, and you've no doubt got a cheeky raffia bag hiding out and just waiting for some fashion love.

DIY Fashion Idea #10: Try Ribbon Ankle Straps


The You Way

The High-Fashion Origin: Miu Miu's ribbon-adorned heels and ballet pumps captured the fashion crowds during fashion week and have continued to snap up high fashion fans. 

The Fashion Hack: All it takes is about £4-worth of ribbon to create your own version of the look and breathe new life into your shoe collection—that's if you haven't got some already left over from Christmas present wrapping…

Which tips will you take on? If you're after a quicker fix, shop from our favourite new-in pieces on the high street.