Where Our Team Always Shops for Discounted Designer Handbags

A designer handbag is a purchase you'll never regret. While some investment bags will actually earn you money over time, indulging in a brilliantly designed, quality accessory will act as the luxe full-stop to your outfit—no matter what you're wearing. But as we know, designer handbags don't come cheap. Apart from the slew of fledgeling, mid-priced labels (such as Danse Lente and Staud), prices have been on upwards trajectory for years. Want a slice of Gucci or Prada? You'd best be prepared to part with four figures.

Which is why we've created this guide. The majority of designer bags have longevity, so it's possible to land a designer bag at up to half the retail price and still feel like you've made an entirely current purchase. However, if you're after a booming must-have but can't stretch to it, consignment retailers are your best bet. There are a few sites we regularly check out, from the outlet divisions of e-tailers to websites where old-season Proenza Schouler and co. are looking for a new home. They're too good not to share, so check out our recommendations below.