Everything You Need to Know About the 'Dior & I' Documentary

I knew I would enjoy Frederic Tcheng’s Dior & I documentary, but I wasn’t prepared to walk away feeling emotionally gutted—and in love. The film captures designer Raf Simons’ first season at the house in 2012, when he was thrust into designing a couture collection for the first time, in under eight weeks (a feat by most standards).

What first struck me about the film was how quiet it was—a descriptor not usually given to the fashion industry or its players. Despite the fact that the subject matter (namely, couture) is worth millions of dollars, nothing about the film feels showy or overblown. What comes across, instead, is the pure artistry involved in designing these collections and that speaks entirely for itself. Next, I was taken by how utterly humble Raf Simons is—once again, not the most common adjective in the fashion realm. It’s clear that the man is incredibly invested in his work, and not for publicity or acclaim. No, he simply wants to make beautiful things that will empower rather than hinder women. There isn't a sense of Raf Simons as “brand” here—no affectation or narcissism in sight. In fact, he didn’t even want the film to be done (but more on that later)!

As someone who has often questioned the relevance and need for couture in today’s world, I came away with a newfound appreciation for and belief in it. There are people whose lives revolve around it (entire ateliers which go largely unseen) and designers who put every last drop of their creativity into the collections, as evinced by the film. It’s a real art, and if we’re not signalling the death of other mediums, why should we be giving this one the boot?

Be sure to catch Dior & I when it opens in theatres on April 10. Scroll down to discover all the crucial points from the film and premiere, and to shop our favourite Dior pieces!