And the Breakout Street Style Star of Fashion Week Is…

We've spoken before of our love for the Italian fashion squad who makes every day a chicer one, wherever they are across the globe—but our attentions were, admittedly, more focused on Giorgia Tordini and Gilda Ambrosio at the start. These are the two with the long, insanely glossy locks, who have impeccable taste and are enjoying great success with their debut fashion collection under their label Attico. We've also been particularly keen on the wardrobe of street style star–turned-singer Patricia Manfield, and we've long admired the elegance of Candela Novembre.

But this fashion month has seen one in this molto cool–girl gang really shine: Diletta Bonaiuti. She's a super-chic stylist who can pull off some of the most unexpected pieces with a certain grace and ease that's easy to admire. She works at Luisa Via Roma and therefore has some pretty awesome access to designer garms.

Cobalt velvet duster coat? Purple pencil skirt? Furry tote bag? All of these items could well scare off a lesser mortal, but she has the skills to make them look simple. It's all down to a straightforward concept of standout pieces being set against basics: if your skirt is attention-grabbing, just pair it with a white shirt. These aren't new rules, per se, but they do look refreshed under her guidance. 

So, to join the love-in, keep scrolling to see Diletta's greatest fashion week outfits