Diane Kruger Has Discovered the Most Flattering Dress Shape Ever

We probably don't need to introduce you to Diane Kruger—she of incredible beauty and also exquisite taste. We've admired her style for many years, on and off the red carpet (not to mention the fact she's got a very cool Instagram feed). So what is the secret behind her style? We've thought long and hard about this and believe it's that perfect blend of European chic with a dash of all-American prettiness. While we've always wanted to copy her fashion sense, we'd completely given up on such an unachievable goal. That was until we spotted the item that she wears nearly every time she's on the red carpet—a halter-neck. Believe it or not, the A-lister is more than a little fond of the high-necked dress and it looks super flattering. It gives the wearer the chance to show off their shoulders and elongates the neck, giving the impression of being taller and slimmer. We're not sure we're going to wear another dress style ever again. Click through our gallery to see how Kruger wears the style and the most flattering halter-necks you can shop right now.