The 2019 Trends That Destiny's Child Wore First

Destiny's Child did a lot for me through the 2000s. The group's R&B power songs like "Survivor" and "Bootylicious" were always playing on my Walkman. And when the Charlie's Angels movie came out in 2001 and "Independent Woman" came into my life via the movie's soundtrack, everything changed. That song still gives me confidence. I couldn't handle it. I learned to depend on me.

What I still can't handle is how good Michelle, Bey, and Kelly were at group dressing through the noughties. Their outfits (from low-rise jeans and the best going-out tops I have ever seen to the gold miniskirts and strappy shoes in the "Bills, Bills, Bills" video) still make me lose my breath. Always glam with a touch of camp and a lot of fun (you have Beyoncé's fashion-designing mother, Tina Knowles, to thank for many of the most memorable creations). Here are the Destiny's Child looks that are still very on trend in 2019.