I'm Not a Fan of Tights, But These Particular Pairs Have Changed My Mind

If I can make it through the whole year without having to wear tights, I’m happy. I’m sure I’m not alone in struggling to find the right pair, be it through fit, feel, colour or look. It’s no mean feat to find the perfect hosiery, and I often think it can ruin the vibe of a great dress or skirt if you don’t get it right. My struggle with liking tights also comes from having to hoist them up to fix baggy knees, a low crotch or, worse, holes in the toe. So you can imagine my surprise when I started seeing tights on Instagram that I actually liked and more so wanted to wear. That’s right—I may have just told you all the reasons I'm not their number one fan, but I’m willing to give them a chance this winter. It will come at a cost, though, as it’s the designer pairs that have caught my attention.

It all started with the Chanel CC monogram pair the likes of Pernille Teisbaek and Lucy Williams managed to get their hands on last year. It was then I saw tights as an accessory that can enhance an outfit rather than just a winter warmer. Since then, I've been lusting after every pair of logo tights out there, and with fashion houses Gucci, Fendi, Saint Laurent and Versace following suit, there's a whole host to choose from. 

Sure, they're pricier than your average multipack of 20 deniers, but these tights will make any outfit inevitably chicer. Here are 12 pairs of designer tights that have changed my opinion on tights altogether. 

1. Fendi Logo Tights

This particular pair of tights has been the go-to for anyone who didn't manage to get a piece of Chanel. The Fendi logo style is as close as it comes and nearly half the price, too. 

2. Gucci Intarsia Tights

Worn by the likes of Kim Kardashian West in a full logo look, these are the perfect alternative to black. And I appreciate them a lot. 

3. Versace La Greca Tights

Versace will never shy away from logos or prints, and this pair is a nod to the label's signature La Greca motif. I would wear these with a minidress and heels.

4. Givenchy Patterned Tights

I've seen a few fashion editors and influencers wearing this Givenchy pair, and it's also very similar to that Chanel style. I'm imagining these with a miniskirt, oversized teddy coat and knee-high boots. 

5. Burberry Monogram Tights

Naturally, these are selling out fast like any under-£100 designer tights would. The monogram iteration is subtle yet statement enough to be still worth the spend. 

6. Marine Serre Moon-Print Tights

Marine Serre's signature moon print made its high-neck top the style du jour in recent years. Now, I suspect the tights will be the next cult buy. 

7. Anine Bing Josephine Tights

L.A. label Anine Bing is always a go-to for minimalists, and these tights are more understated than some of them. This thicker denier logo style is one that'll replace your usual opaques. I'm imagining these with chunky Chelsea boots and a long-sleeve dress.

8. Dolce & Gabbana Leopard Tights

So these are one hell of a statement, but can you expect anything less from D&G? An alternative to the logo, this animal-print pair will look good under a sleek wool coat with heeled ankle boots. 

9. Saint Laurent YSL Tights

See it? That little YSL rhinestone logo is what makes these special. Stay away from boots so you don't cover up the main attraction. It's all about heels with this one. 

10.  Gucci GG Crystal Tights

Designer tights worth their buck, this crystal-adorned pair by Gucci is more like leggings, and they'll elevate any day or soirée look. You'll want to look after these to make sure you can wear them year after year. 

11. Fendi Monogram Tights

Of course, Fendi goes all out with logos, and this is why I've seen so many people wearing these with everything from boots to platform heels—not that your outfit will even matter when these steal all the attention. 

12. Karl Lagerfeld K Monogram Tights

Another under-£100 pair, these K-monogrammed tights are one of the less in-your-face styles. If you've never worn patterned tights before (like me), then these are a nice starter. I would wear them with an oversized shirt, a blazer and black boots.