I've Finally Bought Summer's Designer It Bag, and I Don't Regret it

As a fashion editor, the majority of my job is to discover, write about or style new trends. It’s exciting to see what’s coming up next and also rather tempting, to say the least. The thing is, though, I’ve run out of space in my small two-bedroom flat in East London. And for as long as I put off an inevitable mass clear-out, I have to think about what I actually need instead of making impulse purchases. And considering the Loewe basket bag has been around for years now, I felt safe in the knowledge that buying one was a wise investment. Instead of the classic style we've all seen, I went for the new Paula’s Ibiza anagram bag, and it hasn’t left my side since I unwrapped the Net-a-Porter box.

Style Notes: The carry-everything bag can be used as a handheld or shoulder bag just like Francesca Saffari's Prada. I love it with the green shorts and strappy sandals. 

Enis wearing Loewe bag



Style Notes: The best way to finish off a bright co-ord is to keep it classic with tonal accessories. Eni illustrates this perfectly with her Loewe straw bag and Chanel raffia sandals. 

I’ve always loved the look of a basket bag, but as a small-bag (often micro-bag) fan, I just didn’t think I would wear it that much. I was wrong. The style goes with absolutely every outfit, I can carry so much in it without having to bring a grubby canvas tote wherever I go, and a straw bag just feels like summer. 

Sure, the designer styles are an investment, but considering you’ll wear them with every outfit, each summer, for the rest of time, I can vouch for the fact they’re worthy of the splurge. So keep scrolling to see the other designer basket bags that are firmly on my wish list.

Shop the Best Designer Basket Bags

You can also wear this one as a crossbody bag. 

Putting a silk scarf around a basket bag feels instantly luxe, and this D&G iteration is already done for you. 

If you prefer to have a bag that closes, this style with leather flap and clasp is a winner. 

This XL bag will carry absolutely everything. 

No doubt you'll wear this across all seasons. 

I'm imagining this in the South of France with a matching hat. 

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