How to Spot the Next It Bag Before Everyone Is Carrying It

Founded by Tina Craig and Kelly Cook, Bag Snob is the ultimate destination for everything you need to know about designer bags. The duo also just launched e-commerce on their site, selling their own label now but branching out into multiple brands by the fall to celebrate the site's 10th anniversary.

It has been 10 years (and tens of thousands of bags!) since we launched Bag Snob, a blog that started as a passion project and has evolved into a global site popular beyond our wildest dreams. Now we’ve taken all that research, along with a lifelong love for bags, to create our own collection. Snob Essentials is an accessible luxury line that features all the trademarks we value in our favourite pieces: precision-perfect stitching, impeccably symmetric seams, and all the other detailed hallmarks of high-end bags, just at an attainable price point. Which raises the question—what makes a hit? Clean lines and not too much fuss are paramount to a broadly successful design. Think Mansur Gavriel, a brand with an aesthetic that's as simple as it gets, and an often lengthy wait-list to go with it. With that, here are some of the most beloved bags of all time—and our insight into the reasons these are all-time classics, universal favourites, and current must-haves.

Scroll down to learn the anatomy of each hit bag!