I Noticed French Women Don't Wear Denim Shorts Anymore—They Prefer These 6 Alts

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As soon as June summer comes around, denim shorts become one of the first things I reach for when getting dressed. I know the instinct will kick in again this year, but when I searched for fresh outfit inspiration, I was surprised to see this warm-weather staple was losing favour. That's not to say that everyone has decided against them. However, French women, who have long been a source of style inspiration, seem to be putting them on the back burner. When I went to scan their recent outfits, I couldn't help but notice they were reaching for several alternatives to denim shorts—six items, to be exact.

Seeing as how French style is synonymous with effortless polish, it takes a lot for Parisians to set aside something as perennial as denim shorts. And yet the six fresh alternatives you're about to see here are definitely fitting the bill. From pyjama-inspired linen pants to tailored shorts, here are the items French girls are wearing on repeat this summer (and you might want to, too).

1. Pyjama-Inspired Trousers

Our editors have taken note of this rising trend, spotting women across the industry tapping into it, French women especially. The striped drawstring trousers above are reminiscent of pajama pants. However, they look anything but homebound when paired with quintessentially Parisian items like ballet flats.

Shop Pyjama-Inspired Trousers:

2. Tailored Shorts

If French women are always polished, it's because they know to rely on tailored staples that do the work for them. In the warmer months, that means trading their tailored trousers for above-the-knee iterations that look just as chic.

Shop Tailored Shorts:

Reformation's famous Mason pants now in a short version. 

Smart enough for the office and beyond. 

3. Boxer Shorts

Denim Short Alternatives: Boxer Shorts



Boxer shorts are back again this summer. They just couldn't be any easier to wear. French women are fans of wearing them as a set with a matching button-down shirt. It's low-key but still put-together.

Just add a plain tee and retro trainers. 

4. Track Shorts

Retro sportswear has been creeping up everywhere we look, from Adidas Sambas to football jerseys. Now we're adding track shorts to that fast-growing list.

Shop Track Shorts:

Anything from Adidas and Wales Bonner is instantly cool. 

5. Miniskirts

Denim Short Alternatives: Miniskirts



Many French women are experts of keeping it simple, and nothing is as valuable to them as a black miniskirt. While they have one in rotation all year round, they've begun to replace denim shorts in elevated everyday outfits in the summer. 

Shop Miniskirts:

You'll rely on this mini all year round. 

6. Drawstring Shorts

Denim Short Alternatives: Drawstring Shorts



Drawstring shorts are gaining ground among this crowd for their zero-effort nature. They're perfect for vacations and beyond.

Shop Drawstring Shorts:

Pack this towelling pair for your seaside adventures.

There's something so chic about white shorts. 

This Raey pair has a cargo feel that's so relevant for 2023. 

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