10 Fascinating Things You Never Knew About Denim

It’s the staple we can’t get enough of, the thing we’re most likely to be found wearing at any given moment and the item most likely to induce a nervous breakdown in the changing room: the jean, which has been our frenemy for more than a hundred years. When you find the right pair (these lucky fashion insiders did), it’s like slipping into a warm bath with a glass of wine—an everyday indulgence that makes you feel happy, confident and calm. Which is why we like knowing everything there is to know about our denim collections. Keep reading to discover some facts about jeans you probably haven’t heard before—then click through to shop the denim pieces we love…

Source: Allure

Source: Denim Future

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Source: Mintel

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Source: Allure

Souce: Eco Chic

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Opening Image: Style du Monde

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