Whenever you're seeking marvellous muses galore and fresh outfit ideas, there's one locale that never fails to deliver: the street! It's a personal-style paradise that always offers up intriguing clothing combos and encourages experimentation. What are we seeing a ton of and loving this spring? Neutrals, mixed prints, light or bright accents, and Talbots. That's right...Talbots. Their stores are brimming with so many spot-on pieces, we decided to share six superb spring looks that caught our eye on the street. And by the way, these easy-to-execute ensembles are just the tip of the style iceberg. If you like what you see here, and we think you will, check out Red Chair Confessions, the hot new blog from a revamped Talbots. It's a place to fess up, dress up, covet and share, discover, rethink, inspire and be inspired, expose, desire, brag a little and confess a lot. Plus, the site is simply stuffed with fashion tips, so make sure you visit it today!

Parisian stripes plus stylish leather shorts equals a darling outfit.
One essential wardrobe item that everyone should possess is a simple, striped t-shirt. It's the perfect year-round pick, as it promises to add a little insouciant spirit to any outfit. It looks particularly chic for spring and summer worn with a darling pair of leather shorts and a slim scarf in an interesting print. (It's all about mixing and matching patterns this season, you know!) If you need this singularly stylish piece, check out Talbots' Boat Stripe Tee ($34.50); it is an excellent option at a very reasonable price. Plus, in addition to the black-and-white version shown here, it's also available in Viridian Green (deep leaf green), Adriatic (light blue), and Titan Blue (ocean blue)! Wear it with a contrasting scarf, like the Paisley Sash ($34) in Almond Buff, and a feminine pair of metallic sandals, like the Ankle-Strap Wedges ($109) in Metallic Pewter, for an on-trend and adorable look!

Chic, neutral separates give trendy tie-dye a sophisticated air.
Though there were many key trends on the spring runways, it seemed like every designer fell head-over-heels in love with a neutral palette. It was the fashion message of the season: everyone must wear nude, beige, and bisque! In addition to being the of-the-moment hues, these soft tones balance out a bold print beautifully, as you can see from the look above! To emulate this ensemble, all you have to do is pick up Talbots' Belted Anorak ($149, featured colour is available in-stores only) in Clay