Billion Dollar Babes

When it comes to shopping, the experience invariably involves some sort of sacrifice. Whether you're paying full-price for a fashionable item or being forced to deal with dreadful customer service to get a great deal, the situation has become downright insufferable! While these terrible terms might be the norm, there is an alternative retail experience that not only offers stylish buys at smart prices, it's actually enjoyable too: Billion Dollar Babes Sample Sales
No doubt many of you have shopped
Billion Dollar Babes before, as the company's held the world's premiere sample sales since 2001. Originally launched as invite-only events in major cities (such as Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Chicago, London and Dublin), the multi-designer sales boasted luxurious perks like gift bags, beauty services, and specialty cocktails. Essentially, patrons got a perfectly chic way to buy key clothing and accessory brands at super-discounted prices