Your December Horoscope Is Here.

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Oh my gosh! 2015, where did you go?! It’s fascinating to me that we end every year in the party-ready, fun zodiac sign of Sagittarius (holiday extravaganza time) and then when we are all ready to make our New Years resolutions and start the next year off on a new foot, the cosmos provides the stabilizing, disciplinarian force of Capricorn. So that would sum up December for you! Enjoy this latter part of the year to tie up loose ends & see the bounty of what 2015 brought to you.

Read onto to see what the cosmos have to say for you to bring your 2015 to a close!

Aries, to end the year off right you’ll focus on learning something new and stepping out of your comfort zone in some way. What is something you’ve put off doing all year? Now is the time! Whether it’s starting to learn a new language, piano practice, trying that new yoga class or buying a plane ticket to that place you’ve never been! Show the Universe you have some trust and go beyond what feels “normal.” You are more supported than ever to make positive changes and go for the new right now!


Taurus, you end the year with a bang when it comes to career goals and stepping out into the spotlight. According to Western astrology, the transit you are in for December is your most visible time of the year. How can you capitalize on that? Going the extra mile at work or on a project dear to your heart will feel like a great way to cap off 2015. Set tangible weekly goals and hit them, and get ready for an amazing 2016!

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Gemini, this is your month to dream big and get clear on your vision for 2016. How was the year for you? I recommend sometime before the year ends to take inventory: what were three incredible things that happened for you this year? What were three things that you learned that you will take with you into 2016? Vision boarding with friends and talking with people close to you about your goals is definitely emphasized this month!

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Cancer, 2015 comes to a close and asks you for a bit of quiet rejuvenation and introspection. I know the holidays mark one of the busiest times of the year, but the cosmos ask that you slow down a bit and nourish yourself. Take inventory on what you are healthfully releasing from your life and bringing in fresh for 2016. Recharge your batteries and you will be rewarded with an incredible beginning to the New Year!

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Leo, the end of 2015 is a time where it’s all about you, and fortunately this isn’t foreign territory. In bringing 2015 to a fantastic close take time for yourself, interestingly enough this is not a month where teamwork is your shining attribute. Anything that involves your self expression, self created projects or execution of plans that drive you forward and get your inspired are emphasized. Self-love is also highlighted here. What a great way to end 2015 Leo!

Virgo, this is your money month. Financial planning, goals and getting ahead are all emphasized for you here in the final month of 2015! How do you feel about your finances? Are there goals you’d like to reach this year or next? Consider taking 10% of everything you make this month & setting it aside for something you’d like in the coming year. Financial responsibility & expansion are highlighted for you here. Make that money Virgo.

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Libra, the final month of 2015 is a time of talking it up & short distance travel.. so, a short road trip with your bestie and you talk the whole time? Sure, something like that. The transit highlighted for you here is one of self-expression, lightness of being & enjoying being yourself. Care to take a weekend trip? Maybe NYE is a quick trip out of the city instead of a weeklong cruise. Enjoy the final year of 2015 and get ready for an incredible year!

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Scorpio, the closing of 2015 is actually a time of nesting and resting for you. Spending a little bit more time in your home sector, getting adequate rest, nourishing yourself in the cold of winter is all that is asked of you at the end of the year! I know this is one of the busiest times of the year for all of us, but taking time in the coming weeks to slow down a bit and honor your self is important so you head into 2016 with a bang!

Sagittarius, fortunately for you, there’s a cosmic alignment happening in your favor this month. Not only is it your birthday month but, it’s also a month where the cosmos ask you to have a lot of fun and celebrate, which I know you received a collegiate degree in. Happy Birthday! Enjoy the last part of 2015 with some celebration, romance, playfulness and a full social calendar! You can sleep when you’re dead!**

**but do make sure to get a little bit of sleep.

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Capricorn, the end of the year asks you to take stock of your routines and health regimens so you can head into 2016 fresh, organized and ready to rumble. Is there a facet of your health routine that could use some upgrading? Need to tie up some loose ends on your organizational skills? Google the book: “The Life-Changing Art of Tidying Up.” 2016 is going to be a power house year for your Capricorn, take December to take care of health and routine and you will be ready to go!

Aquarius, the cap off to 2015 highlights your relationship sector. Now is a time for equalizing between yourself and others. Are you taking care of yourself just as much as you take care of your spouse, friends, work colleagues or responsibilities? Balance is key this month. In addition, bouncing ideas, resolutions or life visions off of a partner or friend can be a great way to send off your dreams into 2016. Cozy up with someone (or someones) for the winter and have a great rest of the year Aquarius!

Pisces, December marks the closing of a powerful year for you! This month highlights the deeper sides of life, intimacy, introspection, and taking care of your finances or releasing anything that doesn’t serve you or your goals. Slowing down a bit and taking care of yourself even amidst the hustle and bustle of the holidays will revive you and send you into 2016 refreshed and ready to take on the world. Whatever you decide to let go of in 2015 leaves space for your goals and dreams to take form in 2016. Happy New You, Pisces!

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