Just What Are "Day" Heels, and Should You Be Wearing Them?

Day Heel


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Just when you thought you knew everything there was to know about shoes, we go and introduce a new footwear term. The "day" heel trend is what we need to talk to you about today, now that the style is suddenly taking off. According to data from retail analytics company Edited, high heels have experienced a 13.4% decline. In addition, 34% of high heels are discounted by an average of 47%, demonstrating that heels have declined in popularity.


Everlane's Day Heel

Katie Smith, Edited's retail analysis and insights director, provided some information into why this has happened. "Over the years, women's footwear has steadily shifted away from necessitating high heels in the office, to a greater acceptance of flats—even sneakers—at work," she shares. However, there's one retail brand still selling them like crazy thanks to its "day" heels.

U.S. label Everlane created the short block heels back in April last year, and they continue to sell out. In the UK market, new women's sneaker arrivals have seen a 37.6% increase, suggesting that practicality is becoming more important. But for those who still require a bit of height, or can't wear sneakers to work, "day" heels are the ideal solution. Alas, you can't buy Everlane's heels in the UK, but you can purchase similar styles almost everywhere. Keep scrolling to shop for your new functional-but-stylish heels.

If you're after a pair that's really similar to Everlane's, try & Other Stories. 

The French version goes down well. 

Now grab your own pair of low block heels (and thank us when you're not hobbling to the car park later).

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