The New Indie Brand ALL the Cool Girls Are Wearing

Limited-edition dresses. Vintage fabrics. Sewn by local artisans in Los Angeles. Intrigued? We were too, when we came across a booth selling Dawn dresses at a local street festival. Christy Dawn is the model-turned-designer behind the brand, turning out breathtaking dresses in editions as small as four, each numbered like an art piece. And if the darling dresses weren’t enough, Dawn also has a fascinating “Friends of Dawn” section on her site, where you can find photographs and interviews of inspiring women wearing her garments, including everyone from Soko to Langley Fox (who has collaborated on a dress with Dawn).

Scroll down to get acquainted with the breakout brand, and see why her dresses are selling out as quickly as they go up on her site.


James Branaman

Langley Fox, artist

Interview Gem: “When I was younger I didn’t understand the legend behind the name, though as I’ve gotten older, I know now its lasting impact on me. I’m so fortunate to be a part of such a creative bloodline, but it’s also really intimidating. I work hard in my creativity and for myself. I’ll never claim I got any of the Hemingway genius. Never. I work every day because I have to, and I want to.” – Langley Fox


James Branaman

Soko, musician + actress

Interview Gem: “I’m a total lover, absolute romantic. I can’t think of life without love. I think most of my music is about fear though, fear of death, fear of dying alone, fear of abandonment. It’s all related to me. I love so much because I have such a crazy conscience of love and that things could end any minute, any time. That’s why I love so fully, and I don’t know any other way.” – Soko



Ally Walsh, model

Interview Gem: “My morning starts the night before! I really enjoy making overnight chia seed oatmeal. It’s delicious and filling and you can add all kinds of superfoods for different flavours.” – Ally Walsh

Ally’s Chia Seed Oatmeal
Mix the following completely, then let it sit overnight.

- 3 tbsp chia seeds
- 1 tbsp coconut flakes
- 1 tsp maca
- 1 cup of almond milk
- 1 tbsp of almonds or pumpkin seeds
- A dash of cinnamon
- Add fruit like bananas, figs and blueberries.



Shawn Hanna

Kate Parfet, Head of Influencer Marketing at Toms

Interview Gem: “I’ve known Blake, Chief Shoe Giver [at Toms], since college. It’s pretty wild to think back to a conversation we had at a funny party on Sunset Boulevard years ago. He told me he had just started a small shoe company where, with every pair purchased, he gives a pair to a child in need. At first, I just sort of looked at him like, ‘OK, this sounds great, but is it sustainable?’ No one had ever done anything like that before, but I found myself thinking about it. A lot. I emailed him design inspirations, bugged him about editors I thought he should meet in New York, and before I knew it, I was writing and pitching my job description.” – Kate Parfet

DAWN Piper Dress ($188)

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