Hottie Alert: Behind the Scenes of David Beckham's New H&M Campaign

Fresh off the U.S. women's team World Cup win on Sunday, you'll have to forgive us if we have another soccer superstar on our minds at the moment. David Beckham is renewing his contract as the face of H&M underwear, and this time he's got a rather attractive (if unexpected) cohort by his side: comedian Kevin Kart.

Beckham and Hart recently took to Instagram and Facebook to share some behind-the-scenes footage of their forthcoming campaign, and we've gotta be honest—the manliness is overwhelming. The two stars pose in front of giant bears, do strenuous exercise together, and wear tartan plaid. And yes, it's just as swoon-worthy as it sounds. 

Keep scrolling to see the behind-the-scenes shots of David Beckham and Kevin Hart's H&M campaign now!

Are you as excited for this campaign to come out as we are? Tell us below!

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