Dating Diaries: Are Women Who Work in Fashion Intimidating?

It’s not uncommon to hear women in the fashion industry joke about their eternally single status. Whether it’s because they’re too busy or (for some) the lack of available straight men in their orbit, the majority feel that one downside of their exciting careers is the lack of romance. In fact, when I told my coworkers I was working on this article and would love to speak to their S.O.'s, I received not one, but five emails simply bearing the hashtag “#sosingle.”

When I brought the issue up to both male and female friends outside of the industry, the men overwhelmingly suspected that women in fashion might be “too intense” or “intimidating” for a lot of their cohort. “Have you heard this before, too?” I asked a few industry friends, most of whom knew the response well. So was this, perhaps, the real reason so many of us were striking out in the dating department?

To find out, I spoke to men either currently in relationships with fashion ladies or those who have dated them in the past. I figured that if anyone could speak to this stereotype, it would be them, and their responses were very revealing.

Scroll down to find out what they had to say!