Honestly, These Summer Trends Feel a Little Dated—7 Our Editors Rate Instead

It's a little-known fact that most people who work in fashion are hoarders. This is because we know that fashion is cyclical, and many of us have learned the hard way never to get rid of the items we once loved to wear. Not only will they most likely come back into style, but you never know when you might happen across a more current way to wear them.

Still, the nature of fashion is that trends ebb and flow in popularity, and when something has been around for a long time, its initial appeal is sure to wear off at some point. That's when some might label these pieces as being "dated." With a new season in our midst, our editors have taken a moment to think about the trends that have had more than their fair share of time in the style spotlight and which fresh looks we'd like to see gain momentum this summer.

Lucy Williams expertly clashes both colours and prints in this summer ensemble.

The ironic thing is, in some instances, our editors actually own and still love to wear the pieces they think could do with cooling off this season. That or they can, at the very least, appreciate the appeal they hold for others. Nonetheless, below, we've listed the dated summer trends we wouldn't necessarily recommend buying into this season. Do stash them away if you own them, though, as they'll likely come back again. Or if you love them, don't let our personal opinion stop you! That's the beautiful thing about fashion—it's totally open to interpretation. But should you want to know which trends we're backing for summer 2022, you'll find those below also.

Hannah Almassi, Editor in Chief

Dated: Teeny-Tiny Sunglasses

"Although they certainly look cool on the 'gram, I was never into the look anyway because they just feel a bit redundant and useless when you genuinely need to shield your eyes from the sun!"

Fresh: Sarongs

"I've never really not loved a sarong on the beach (especially when it matches my bikini), but I also like the idea of a sarong-style skirt worn with a tee and sandals for a relaxed alternative to a dress."

Outdated Summer Trends: @theindiaedit wears swimwear as outerwear



Dated: Low-Slung Waists

"I'm fully backing the Noughties revival if not for the sheer nostalgia alone, but the one Y2K trend I can't see working for me is an ultra low-slung waist. Paris Hilton may have had the midriff to launch a 1000 doppelgängers, but whether it's jeans, trousers or skirts, I'm a die-hard high-waister."

Fresh: Swimwear as Outerwear

"What had started as functional purpose has now turned into a fashionable statement for me. While I admired underwear as outerwear from a distance, wearing swimwear out of the pool is something I can get behind. It could be wearing a one-piece costume under linen trousers or a bikini top under an open shirt, but it gives me the opportunity to enjoy swimwear season that much longer."

Maxine Eggenberger, Acting Assistant Editor

Dated: Straw Hats

I'm a hat person—be it a baseball cap or something more extravagant. So while no hat trend feels off-limits to me, one I'm getting ever so slightly tedious of it the large straw hats—the oversized boater type. Full disclosure, I own one, and had lots of fun wearing it a couple of years ago. Now, though, my affections have shifted elsewhere.

Fresh: Wide-Brim Sun Hats

As far as I'm concerned, bucket hats were a vibe well before 2022. Now, however, I'm thankful that they're on-trend, as it means there are more options to shop than ever before. My preference has to be those with wider brims than your average bucket hat, and with ribbon ties for extra fashion clout. From a practical point of view, I also appreciate how they can protect the back of my neck from UV rays—sun protection is a must.

Joy Ejaria, Social Media Editor

Dated: Tube Tops

"The first time these made the rounds, I hated them and now that they're making a comeback, as much as I'd love to try it, I just know this is one trend I'd rather sit out on." 

Fresh: Cargo Trousers

"I'm a trainers type of girl, so I'm up for any trend that'll allow me to rock a pair. Trousers are big for the summer, and cargo pants give a fresh spin on the trend."

Dated: Kaftans

"Practical they may be on a beach day, but there was something about a kaftan that never felt right on me. They're often quite lacy and girly and that's just not my holiday style."

Fresh: Shirt-and-Shorts Sets

"A relaxed co-ord in a light airy fabric is much more my thing and still fulfils that beach-to-bar-with-ease requirement. Not to mention they're much more versatile—wear them as separates or together, and you can even dress them up in the evening with smarter sandals and layers of gold jewellery."

Remi Afolabi, Video Content Creator

Outdated Summer Trends: @chrissyford wears a crochet dress



Dated: Short-Shorts

"I do like the idea of shorts for summer but I think the ultra-short styles are slightly dated and can sometimes be quite uncomfortable. I'm leaning into the '90s fit with looser silhouettes and slightly longer lengths."

Fresh: Crochet Knits

"I've seen enough crochet pieces to come to the conclusion that it's the fabric this summer! From the dresses to the hats and bags, it's truly a summer staple. I've especially been loving the variety of midi and maxi crochet dresses about—perfect for a summer getaway."

Outdated Summer Trends: @monikh wears a pair of tie-around sandals



Dated: Velcro Sandals

"I want to make one thing clear: I have zero hate for this trend. I wear my Tevas and Arizona Love sandals on rotation and have done for the past four years or so. But that's why they feel a little dated to me; I've probably just had too much of a good thing, particularly in terms of comfort."

Fresh: Tie-Around Sandals

"This year, we're witnessing the revival of more ornate tie-up sandals. The Row’s ring-adorned pair have been causing a stir on social media over the last month, with a host of more affordable brands also following suit."

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