Bet You Didn't Know the Difference Between Danish and Swedish Style

With Copenhagen and Stockholm Fashion Weeks arriving one after the other, we've been particularly nosy about Scandi style of late. Pernille Teisbaek informed us of the one thing she cannot imagine Scandi girls ever getting into fashion-wise, and we've pored over endless pics of stylish Danes in Copenhagen's sunshine. Now comes the street snaps of the Swedes, but one question has been bugging us throughout: Can the term "Scandi style" really be applied to one and all? Surely there are differences between Danish and Swedish style in the same way that girls in Leeds may well dress differently from girls in London. Especially after seeing super-bright colours and a whirlwind of prints at CPHFW, we couldn't help but raise the question—this wasn't Scandi style as we knew it.

The answer is—according to our sources in the know—yes, there is one major difference. Super-blogger Linda Tol tells us she thinks "the silhouette is still clean and minimal, but the Danes play more with colours and prints… It’s not as minimal as the Parisian woman, but it’s not as loud as the Italian woman. I think it’s like a mix in-between, and I think that’s the reason I like this Scandi style so much."

Pernille Teisbaek agrees: "I agree the Swedish and the Danes for sure have developed in a colourful direction, which I believe have added a more personal feel. Compared to the Danes, the Swedish style is still very minimalistic and classic, but I also like the mix of these two worlds that together brings out something quite amazing." And blogger Marie Hindkaer-Wolthers echoes this sentiment: "I think the Swedes dress more minimally and elegant whereas the Danes are more edgy and laid-back."

So there you have it—and we've got lovely sidewalk/catwalk pictures to prove it.

Scroll down to see some Danish vs. Swedish style—and shop out the two similar (but distinctly different) camps below.

We don't know what Firewalk is, but we're into it.

The coolest fine jeweller at a very fine price.

So the Scandi girls are into rock tees too.

So simple but so effective.

Eighties-style without the vintage-store rummaging.

The hottest new name on the block.

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