Our Fashion Team Can't Stop Talking About Dakota Johnson's Summer Style

Back when we first saw Chloë Sevigny in The Last Days of Disco, we never thought we'd love another indie girl in quite the same way—but one has emerged over the past few years, and we can't deny our new interest any longer. Dakota Johnson's style has been steadily gaining strength, and it's nothing to do with those Fifty Shades pay packets—the girl knows how to put a great outfit together.

When she's at a premiere or red carpet event, she likes to experiment with bold ruffles and interesting details or even goes simple and chic. On her downtime, she's just as cool, opting for classic jackets, straight-cut jeans and classic boots completing her accessible ensembles. Despite the fact that she's an American through and through, there's something distinctly British about her look: Artfully scruffy is what we tend to do best.