Daisy Lowe on Being Addicted to White T-Shirts and Never Following Trends

London fashion fixture, sugar-free cookery expert and general sasspot Daisy Lowe is many a fashion label's go-to lady on the scene, and her latest gig is down to American jewellery designer Pamela Love. Daisy's become something of a poster girl for modern wellness, so her chilled vibes and glamour-puss style have lent themselves to Pamela's bohemian collection, with Daisy acting not only as a campaign face but also as a muse for the new spring line. We caught up with the model to talk fashion addictions, shopping alone and how Katherine Hepburn has influenced her wardrobe. Scroll down to read our exclusive chat with Miss Lowe, then keep going to shop her look…


Darren Gerrish/Getty Images

Daisy Lowe at London Fashion Week.

WHO WHAT WEAR UK: How would you describe your style?

DAISY LOWE: My personal style changes on a daily basis, but I am always attracted to that classic French chic with a bit of British rock 'n' roll.
WWW UK: What are you always drawn to in a store? 

DL: I am constantly drawn to beautiful, soft fabrics, as comfort is most important for me. Also, you can never go wrong with well-tailored garments. 

WWW UK: And what do you have too many of in your wardrobe?

DL: I have real issues with white T-shirts! Even though I have so many I can’t avoid temptation, and when I find a good one, and sometimes they are so good, I buy two just in case the store discontinues them. Underwear has always been a bit of week spot for me, and now that I’m working with lingerie label Triumph, I’m in real trouble! I may need to do a clear-out to make room for new sets…


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Daisy wearing a custom-made Ashley Williams dress at London Fashion Week.

WWW UK: How do you go shopping? Alone or with friends?

DL: All of the above! I love going shopping with friends and on my own, but I've been working and travelling so much recently that the convenience of online shopping has been really helpful. I am quite a tactile person, so I tend to get more excited about shopping when I’m in the environment. 
WWW UK: What was the last fashion thing you bought?

DL: Porter magazine this morning. The aesthetic, creatives and layout of the magazine are beautiful, and they always have inspiring and informative features. It’s always my consistent editorial buy every month.   

WWW UK: What’s on your shopping list for spring?

DL: I have fallen in love with the last few Gucci collections. This season I’ve been obsessing over their printed suits. They are surprisingly great investments pieces, and I think you would have so much fun in them. If I could buy one for every day of the week, I would team them with jewellery from Pamela Love for the dream ’70s look. Sexy, whimsical, but strong. 


Courtesy of Pamela Love

Daisy in Pamela Love's latest campaign.

WWW UK: Do you follow trends?

DL: No, I feel like the word trend is a bit of an exclusive term, and I like to be all-inclusive… I just love playing with clothes and seeing what I can create with my wardrobe that works for my shape. 
WWW UK: How do you finish a look?

DL: I love completing an outfit with jewellery. When accessorising I usually opt for a long necklace, and I love wearing a ring on almost every finger. Pamela Love always creates pieces that work so well together, so it's easy to stack several pieces into one look. 
WWW UK: Obviously we don't want this to happen, but if your wardrobe was on fire, what would you save first?

DL: First grab would have to be my vintage Azzedine Alaia pieces, but I would swiftly move on to my red velvet dress from The Vampire's Wife, as it is so unique. Oh, and I couldn’t leave behind my classic Saint Laurent pinstripe suit.  


Darren Gerrish/Getty Images

Daisy wearing Christopher Kane for an art drawing class at the designer's London store.

WWW UK: Do you have any fashion regrets? Any outfits you wish you hadn’t worn?

DL: Regrets are a moment in time. I’m sure I look back at some of the outfits that I wore five years ago and think Oh, but then it’s relative to its time. So no regrets, just great memories and maybe some drop-offs to the charity shop…
WWW UK: Is there a difference in your wardrobe when it comes to Daisy Lowe the public person and Daisy Lowe the private person?

DL: Absolutely. Privately, I love wearing jeans and t-shirts or sportswear paired with trainers. Professionally, I love the process of getting ready and throwing on something fabulous. A heel is always a must!



Daisy Lowe wearing a trouser suit from Barbara Casasola.

WWW UK: What are your red carpet tricks for looking your best?

DL: Feeling comfortable is most important. It shows if you are not sure of your choice; you have to really love what you are wearing and, most important, have fun in it. That and a good lipstick, and you’re ready to go! 
WWW UK: Who is your style icon?

DL: I have several, and each influence me in different ways, but I would have to say Susie Bick, Katherine Hepburn and Monica Bellucci. I always find London designer Emilia Wickstead’s style impeccable; I love how she totally encapsulates and wears her own designs. She really lives the brand.

WWW UK: Thanks Daisy, nice talking to you!

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