Daisy Lowe on Date-Night Dressing, Smart Shopping and Wireless Bras

Daisy Lowe makes up a particular part of the British fashion crowd. Mates with Alexa Chung and Nick Grimshaw as well as everyone else belonging to that pack, she's always spotted on the front rows of the coolest runway shows such as that of her pal, designer Ashley Williams. The model has been working since she was 2 (yes, really!) and has racked up quite the CV, which includes being selected to model for Chanel by Karl Lagerfeld and securing major gigs for Marc Jacobs and Topshop. She also models for Burberry, Dr. Martens and Converse. There are few major brands she hasn't worked with in some capacity, quite frankly. 

It's, then, quite easy to make the assumption that she knows her fashion and has amassed quite the collection in her wardrobe. Often spotted on the red carpet wearing body-con dresses or tailoring, Lowe has created a very sassy version of archetypal London style. She has recently become the campaign face of Cudoni, a resale site, to sell some of her most beloved vintage and designer pieces. We had the chance to chat with her about which items we can expect to see on the site, which ones were the hardest to part with and how she's been dealing with lockdown (because you have to ask, don't you?). Keep scrolling to find out more…


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How did you start working with Cudoni? 

I've always been obsessed with vintage. My mum's always really inspired me in that way. But I do feel like the past year, particularly, with everyone being stuck at home, there was a lot more time to think about how we spend our money and where it goes. I actually recorded a documentary called The Lowe Down just before we went into lockdown all about sustainability and how—in a non-preachy way—to be kinder to the planet on a personal level and still do the things that we love to do. A huge part of that is where we spend our money. I love fashion, and I love dressing up. I think it's a really powerful way of making yourself feel good but also feel like yourself and to express yourself. I really love Cudoni and had before they approached me about working with them, so it was kind of my dream job. Everything I've put up for sale are things that I really love and found difficult to pass on. But each one has their own story, and I wanted to pass on their good luck and give the money to Choose Love.

What pieces, in particular, were the hardest to part with?

There's this beautiful red collared Ghost dress. I wore it to meet my boyfriend's parents. I adore them, and I've had some really great times in that dress. Every time I've worn it, I've always had the most lovely evenings in it. It's such a beautiful shape, really flattering and a great colour. I think it's important to pass things on that mean something. There's also a Paul & Joe orange, floral floor-length dress I wore when I was working with [the brand] in Paris, and I've always had so much fun in that dress and always danced all night in it. Although, I swear it is clean! It's such a joyful dress, so it's another one that was hard to part with. There are also some Hedi Slimane for Saint Laurent boots that I've put up for sale. They were from his first collection, and I've hardly worn them because they were just that little bit too narrow for my feet, but they were gorgeous, and I'm obsessed with them. 

You mentioned you did four clear-outs during the pandemic. With sustainability and resale coming together at this moment, do you feel that your attitude to fashion has changed? 

I think even more so, definitely. It's impossible not to notice what companies are completely transparent about how much landfill they operate with and how much recycled fabrics they use, what they do with their samples, their offcuts, etc. Particularly, the past year, there has been such a shift with how transparent companies have become, and it's really inspiring, actually. The power is definitely in the hands of the consumer in a way that it really wasn't before. Social media is so front facing that you can directly contact companies and say, "Why haven't you been more transparent?" People are also thinking about clothes as investment pieces. Save up and spend four times the price on something that will last. It will wash well. It's tailored properly. It's the quality that really matters. That's why Cudoni is so brilliant. If you invest in something like a designer piece but in a couple of seasons or years time you don't love it, then you can resell it back to them and then reinvest. I think they've got a really brilliant platform, actually.


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In terms of personal style, did you change your usual look over the pandemic? 

It's funny because today I was going to get my ears pierced with my friend, and I said, "If I wear a nice tracksuit, can I still wear a tracksuit?" We thought Mondays should officially be tracksuit-wearing days. I've always been geared towards wearing comfy clothes. If you don't feel comfortable physically in your clothes, then you don't feel comfortable or confident. I did wear a lot of tracksuits, but I've always loved a good tracksuit. And a lot of onesies. Sorry, I should say all-in-ones so I don't sound like a child [laughs]. I lived in a Madeleine Thompson all-in-one that has rainbows down the side of it. I also lived in Pangaia tracksuits.


Courtesy of Cudoni

Daisy Lowe shot for Cudoni wearing luxury resale pieces.

At Who What Wear, we're also really looking forward to dressing up. What about you? 

I'm really looking forward to dressing up. In fact, I'm going on a date with my boyfriend on Thursday, and I've been planning my outfit for a full two weeks. I'm actually going to wear one of the dresses that I wore in the Cudoni shoot that I had to buy myself. It's a really beautiful slip dress with roses on it, and it has a beautiful cape that goes over your shoulders. A slip dress is a great segue out of a tracksuit.

What's the one thing you can't get dressed without right now? 

I'm still wearing wireless bras because I can't quite cope. I've actually invested in a couple of Wacoal bras that don't have wires. I also got a really cute dusty-pink one from Heist and seamless comfy pants. The tights are amazing, and the packaging is impeccable.

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