Everyone's Wearing Dad Jackets—What Does This Mean?

Blame Drake. Blame Balenciaga. Blame the A-list. Wherever you look, the "dad jacket" is everywhere right now, and with the colder weather coming in, we predict it's only going to become more mainstream. It's not just runway designers who have managed to up the ante on this unexpected item—high-street stores such as Reformation and Topshop are also carrying plenty of them. But perhaps we should explain a little bit about the trend first, as that might just persuade you into it.

The dad jacket trend includes outerwear pieces such as the old-school bomber (but only in black or khaki; none of this floral stuff, thank you very much), the puffer, and the cagoule. Now, you might be thinking that you've already got the first style and are considering the second, but the third? Yeah, we can see why you'd be against this. Hear us out.

The biggest case for this look is from Balenciaga's A/W 16 catwalk, which proved that the humble waterproof jacket can be super stylish—it's just all in how you wear it, of course. When opting for an all-terrain haute cagoule, the trick is to either wear it hanging off both shoulders or zipped up to the top, with it open at the bottom. 

As for the bomber and the puffer, we imagine you've already managed to nail these looks, but if you really want to do this season's way of sporting the trend, we suggest that a bomber in black is the best way to rock a dad look. As for the puffer, opt for one in any colour; just make sure to have it hanging off your shoulders for the full effect.

Click through our gallery to see the dad jacket in action and find out where to shop some of our favourite pieces right now.

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