Cycling Shorts Are Back for the Second Summer in a Row—Here's How to Wear Them

Don't judge me, but I currently have a tab open on Net-a-Porter with a pair of cycling shorts poised to be added to the checkout basket. I didn't think I'd be that person who wants to wear those stretchy pants, but thanks to this trend's proliferation across social media since last summer, I've finally been worn down. Of course, the OG of this trend is Princess Diana, and I'm not the only one who's been inspired by the late royal. According to Google Trends, this month has seen a spike in searches for "cycling shorts." If there was any doubt that this is about fashion and not about hopping on an actual bike, the term "Princess Diana cycling shorts" is a breakout trend for the month, indicating that this is the sporty-and-rich look we're all after for 2021. 

Of course, the biggest question has to be, How do you wear cycling shorts? Let me tell you, it's not easy. I know for a fact that if I turn up to the pub (because we can do that now!) wearing a pair of these Lycra shorts without seriously considering the look, I will be laughed out of the beer garden clutching my rosé. You absolutely should feel free to wear whatever you want to, but if you don't want to have to explain your outfit every five seconds, then I have good news. I've found five perfect cycling shorts outfits to wear this summer—yes, even if you're just getting a G&T. Keep scrolling for more.

1. Oversized Shirt + Matching Accessories 

Style Notes: The two items that make this outfit stand out are the oversized red bag and scrunchie. The hint of red in the striped shirt just sets it off. Make sure to do the half tuck as per Jessica Torres, and finish it off with a pair of strappy sandals. 

2. Trench Coat + White Shirt + Heeled Flip-Flops

Style Notes: The easiest way to smarten up cycling shorts is to add a chic jacket. Whether it's a trench coat or a blazer, this is the best way to turn the classic sports shorts into something a bit special. 

3. White Shirt + Trainers

Style Notes: The way to do the Princess Di look for 2021 is to update it with a pair of New Balance sneakers and a chic designer bag. Gold hoops and a pair of sunglasses are also a prerequisite. 

4. Cream Top + Orange Heels

cycling shorts trend: abi marvel wearing a cream top and orange sandals with a pair of cycling shorts



Style Notes: This outfit is so simple, but that's its charm. A plain ecru top and the orange sandals paired with the black shorts are so chic. 

5. Sweater + Cap + Trainers

cycling shorts trend: asos lotte wearing a pair of cycling shorts with a white sweater and cap



Style Notes: If you want to look like you're actually going to play some sports, even if you're not, the best way is to add an oversized sweater, a cap and some trainers. 

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