Confession Time: Do You Ever Cut the Size Tag Out of Your Clothes?

If there's one thing we've learned from the fashion industry in 2014, it's that there is still a lot of neurosis surrounding size. From size-10 models being mislabeled as "plus size" to the rampant occurrence of so-called vanity sizing, it's clear that the size of women and the clothes we wear is still very much considered a topic of public discussion (unfortunately). 

With that in mind, we've been pondering a new approach to sizing: ignoring it entirely. What if you had an entire closet of clothes with no sizes noted on your garments whatsoever? Would that serve to help eliminate any anxiety you might have around your size? What if you simply cut the size tags out of all your clothes after you buy them?

We're really curious: Have YOU ever cut the size tags out of your clothes? Leave your confessions in the comments below!

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