I'll Be Wearing This Season's Trend for 93 Days Straight

On Lauren: Reformation Louisiana Top ($128)

When I find something I like, I kind of become obsessed with it. This mainly happens with food, but on the rare occasion that I find a trend versatile enough to wear multiple times without feeling like I'm constantly outfit repeating, you can guarantee I'm about to buy the lot. There's a cute summer top trend going around and—you guessed it—I've high-key fallen in love with it. The trend I speak of is puff-sleeve tops, and they're the outfit pick-me-up you didn't even know you needed.

This particular top style looks great with everything from jeans to midi skirts and back again, which is exactly why I will be wearing this trend for all 93 days of autumn. OK, maybe not all 93 days, but I'm considering it my official go-to cute top until season's end. The fun thing about these puff-sleeve tops is that they come in many different variations meaning there is one out there for everyone. Above (hi, it me) is a photo of me wearing a smocked cropped version, and below (hi, it Hallie), you'll see one of our lovely Byrdie editors wearing a more romantic ruffly lace-up style. Same but different, know what I mean?


On Hallie: Reformation Cassidy Top ($148)

I went ahead and shopped out my favourite iterations of the trend so you can start crushing on the adorable top just as hard as Hallie and I have. All you need is one of the below, your favourite jeans, and some strappy sandals and you'll have yourself the most Instagrammable outfit to date. Happy autumn and even happier shopping.

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