Found: Sporty Watches That Are Actually Chic

smart watch


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These days, a watch does much more than tell time. It counts your steps, monitors your heart rate, sends text messages… The list goes on. But sometimes all that tech means you're left wanting for style. But the good news for women searching for chic sporty watches, now more than ever before, they do exist. To prove it, we're rounding up a handful of our favorites on the market right now.

From styles designed with the runner in mind to tech-inspired bands meant for everyday wear, we're offering up a range of watches that are sporty without ever sacrificing style. So no matter what form of cardio you prefer (from sprinting to shopping), you'll be set with the timepieces below. Now the time has come to do a little shopping and pick out a smartwatch for the savvy shopper you are.

Text your mom and map your run all on this handy interface.

Sleek and sporty is a winning combination.

You'll be ready for your resolutions with this watch.

A little girly, a little sporty.

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