9 Zero-Effort Winter Outfits You'll Wear on Repeat

In case you hadn’t noticed, winter is still happening, and while we can’t do anything about that, but we have at least rounded up the best cold-weather trends to soften the blow. From winter boots to cosy sweaters, there’s an abundance of wardrobe staples to invest in this season, which is a good thing, because winter never seems to end.

It’s official: We’ve now reached the point where our once-coveted new buys no longer justify the unbearable temperatures. Fortunately, we’ve at least somewhat conquered this seasonal dilemma by narrowing it down to nine foolproof winter outfits that check all of the bitter-weather boxes and won’t have you in danger of outfit-repeating. Scroll through to discover which effortless outfit will become your midseason uniform. 

Puffer + Belt Bag + High-Waisted Leggings
Easy Outfit Idea With a Puffer Coat



The beauty of this outfit is that it’s likely some of these staples already exist in your wardrobe. Update your go-to puffer by styling it with a belt bag to make the look feel fresh and new. Style hack: Opt for the highest-waisted leggings possible—the more coverage, the more warmth.

Teddy Coat + Turtleneck + Leather Trousers
How to Style a Teddy Coat



Reached the point where you can't imagine wearing jeans another day? Pair your favourite pieces (turtleneck, teddy coat, etc.) with statement trousers for an effortless but perfectly put-together outfit.

Puffer Coat + Maxi Skirt + Sneakers
Cute Easy Puffer Jacket Outfit



Sensing a hero wardrobe piece here? Pair the trusty turtleneck with a maxi skirt, and complete the look with a metallic, quilted puffer. Pro tip: Wear thick tights and chunky knit socks to maintain warmth.

Leather Coat + Animal Print + Denim
Cute Easy Leather Jacket Outfit



This look is easy to repeat for two reasons. First, animal print will always be on trend; second, this look is comprised of several everyday essentials you can wear over and over again without getting bored.

Quilted Coat + Nightgown
Easy Winter Outfit Idea With Dress and Coat



This nightgown-inspired look requires zero effort. Make a quick transition out of bed with this on-trend dress-and–quilted coat combo. Honestly, this outfit is so easy it would be harder not to wear it on a regular basis.

Leather Jacket + Hoodie + Cargo Pants
Easy Outfit Idea With Leather Jacket



Here's the breakdown on how to achieve this effortlessly cool look without thinking twice. Hoodie + oversize leather jacket + cargo pants = no brainer. 

Suit + Sweater + Top-Handle Bag
How to Style a Sweater Over the Shoulders



Fashion's favourite style trick this season is both on-trend and logical. Styling a chunky sweater over any look will instantly elevate your ensemble—and you have an extra sweater when the temps drop. Use this style tip with a suit, over a wool coat or draped over layers of sweaters; it's really quite simple.

Cardigan + Turtleneck + White Denim
Winter White Outfit Ideas



Head-to-toe winter whites are my go-to solution in breaking my seasonal style slump here in New York (or in London). Though there's the inherent risk of stepping out for a walk and immediately encountering the dirty street slush (cue classic taxi-splash movie scene) to content with, the look is a real mood booster.

Oversize Scarf + Wool Coat



I saved the easiest for last. Buy a new wool coat (yes, this is retail therapy at its finest). Outfit must: Pair your new coat with a matching oversized wool scarf to create a voluminous silhouette. It's like hiding in a cosy wool cocoon.

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